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Interview: We Too Will Fade Goes Absolute Beast Mode With Ferocious New Single “Finders”

German Metal Band To  Release Debut EP Enough This March

The might of German heavy metal has been rocking the planet since the beginning of time, well, at least since the beginnings of heavy metal as a musical genre. From the Scorpions rocking us all like a hurricane and Accept warning us that we’ll all get our balls to the wall, to millions of metal fans screaming the lyrics to Rammstein’s “Du hast,” the German metal machine has stood loud and proud. For those who like things on the heavier side, Germany is also home to the offensive assault of bands like Kreator, Sodom, and Necrophagist to name a few. Heads up, everyone! There is a new band in town that is ready to melt your faces. Let me introduce you to the fury and fire of We Too Will Fade.

Originally formed as a duo in Munich, We Too Will Fade found their two missing links to become one of the baddest, post- hardcore metal bands around. The band is led by guitarist Shmagi Liklikadze along with vocalist Vlad Andrei and the rhythm section of bass guitarist Julian Brechdaumen and drummer Giovanni Raabe. We Too Will Fade is not only an ultra-tight musical machine but also plays with a passionate emotion that is unsurpassed. In fact, much of the band focus is on love, the strength of love that holds us together as human beings and the despair we encounter when love is lost. The idea behind their name came to them when they heard an elderly couple expressing their love and regrets over an afternoon cup of coffee. Much as the flame that holds love together, we too will fade. As you can see, We Too Will Fade is definitely not your average, run of the mill metal band.

The band may be young and inexperienced but they are making up for it in droves with hard work and the dedication it takes to make it in a cutthroat industry. They were able to get some much needed touring experience under their belts this past summer by doing some dates with Shy,Low and playing pretty much anywhere and everywhere that will have them. Things are finally starting to come together with the recent release of their new single “Finders.” The song is a full-blown metal attack with Shmagi providing bone crushing riffs and Vlad giving a master class in vocal aggression. The rock solid rhythms of Julian and Giovanni provide a strong as steel backbone that can never be crushed or destroyed. “Finders” will also urge fans to think, with poignant lyrics “we are the finders, we are enough. We are the finders, we are the hope.” that not only command but demand your attention.


The band is set to release their debut EP Enough this coming March, with not only “Finders” but four additional tracks. “In The End We All Wish We Were Back Home” is another outstanding song that truly showcases what We Too Will Fade is all about. The dichotomy between the softer strums of the guitar with poignant vocals to a barrage of metal madness is both powerful and innovative. To coincide with the release of Enough, the band will play a special Enough EP Release Show followed by a string of dates to support the effort. 2019 looks to be a banner year for We too Will Fade.  If metal runs deep through your veins, you’ll definitely want to check out this electrifying new band.

Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with Shmagi, Vlad, and Giovanni and find out all the latest info on the upcoming EP release and tour. You can listen to our interview in full below.

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