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Interview: Everclear Brings The Afterglow To Manchester Music Hall

Everclear Brings The Afterglow To Manchester Music Hall

The 90’s was a time for songs that, at the time, we were so excited to make mixed tapes and CDs with our summer themes for playlists of cool and catchy tunes. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s knows that if there is one band that belongs in the conversation for great groups from that time, it’s Everclear.

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This summer would surely be the summer of 90’s nostalgia as Everclear would be the second band in a month’s time that I would be able to experience for myself and relive the jams that I grew up listening to, rocking on my boom box and portable cd players! Arriving to the venue a little early, I was granted a special one-on-one interview with lead singer and founder of Everclear, Art Alexakis, to discuss the road and the feeling of having an album reach its 20th anniversary with So Much For The Afterglow.

“It’s more getting back in touch with the feeling of that record and those songs,” said Art when asked about how it’s been to get to play the songs from that record and relive the feeling of that record now. “They are pretty intense songs and what has been great is getting people back in touch with how they were feeling when So Much For The Afterglow came out, and reconnecting with those songs.”

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I also asked Art a more difficult question that I think anyone would have on their mind at this time in society now that there have been two musicians now take their own life. I asked him how the recent tragedies in the music community have affected the band and he replied with a somber response.

“For a 41 year old man to take his life, it’s truly heartbreaking.” I feel like what was wonderful in Art’s answer is that he sees Chester as a human, as a person, more than just a brilliant musician.

I thanked Art for his time and we parted ways for the time being as he had a show to prepare for and fans to entertain. Speaking of fans, the fans would soon start lining up outside the intimate venue of Manchester Music Hall in Lexington Kentucky while talking to their friends and family that they had brought to the show, I caught up with one fan, Eric, who has been dying to see the band for 15 years. The wait for Eric to see his favorite band would soon be over because doors quickly opened as the fans started to fill the concert hall and the first band immediately took the stage to get everyone feeling loose and excited.

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Fans pushed forward to the front as local band Mojothunder took to the stage and began grooving with their signature sound that is influenced by bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and Motorhead. A soulful and dirty rock experience would let us all know that they were not to be overlooked. Singer Marc Phillips was channeling his inner Shannon Hoon, from Blind Melon, hopping around and writhing on stage.

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Energetic and full of soul, the band gave the hometown crowd more than what they could handle by closing their set with a soon-to-be memorable song called “Something For Nothing.” The band is releasing their debut album on November 10th and are having a CD release party at The Burl in Lexington, KY. If you are in the area, be sure to check these guys out at this show!

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As the crew began to clear from the equipment from Mojothunder’s set, more and more fans began to spill in towards the stage and get ready for the direct support act. NP Presley & The Ghost Of Jesse Garon made their way to the front of the stage and made the crowd get on their feet with a smooth and soulful performance all of their own.

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With shades of Johnny Cash and the Alabama Shakes, seven members strong NP Presley came out strong and flooded the halls of Manchester Music Hall with deep and ominous tones and crazy guitar riffs. Everclear 22 (1 of 1)

The fans were definitely feeling the band as they too were from Lexington and would even gain a new fan in this photojournalist. A smooth sax-playing jazz man, an electric keyboard player, three guitarists, and two singers with their own brand of soul and rock would make us all remember the name of NP Presley.

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The time had come for the most nostalgic show of the year. But before they would take the stage, fans would begin talking amongst themselves about what songs they were looking forward to hearing. Of course among those songs fans were longing to hear the hits: “Father Of Mine,” “AM Radio,” “Local God,” “Santa Monica” ( a personal favorite of mine). They would get all of them and more from the guys tonight. Lights faded to black as the air grew thin with anticipation, and the first footsteps proceeded to take the stage. The lights stayed dim as the opening riffs to Afterglow began to pump from the amplifiers. Fittingly so, the first song being Afterglow would reintroduce the fans back to the 20 year long and running records that launched the band into more success in early 1997. Art greeted the adoring fans with a “How the hell are ya?” right after playing their first song. Breaking out into “Everything To Everyone,” we were all brought right back to 1997 and early 2008, with the hits we all know and love to the songs we may have forgotten, Manchester Music Hall was treated to the full Everclear experience. We were even graced with an acoustic performance of “Brown Eyed Girl” from Art as well.

The night was filled with so much fun and nostalgia, even a tossed up brassiere would give everyone a few laughs.

“I haven’t seen that before,” hilariously claimed Freddy Herrera. The night would soon close with Art giving opening bands Mojothunder and NP Presley a thunderous round of applause for getting the fans ready for their set. The final song of the night would end it all on the right note for everyone in attendance, “Santa Monica.” We were given our trip back to the 90s in wonderful fashion. Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to see Everclear on tour this year or any year for that matter. The guys are still very much relevant and haven’t gone anywhere. It would appear they also have no plans of doing so in the near future.

See full gallery of the night.

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