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Indie sweethearts Young the Giant & Lights team up at the Fillmore Charlotte

In addition: welcome back, Party Nails!

Photos by Jeff Hahne

Indie superstardom is somewhat of an oxymoron, but a very accurate label is applied to a handful of bands. Case in point: LA rock band Young the Giant (Elektra).

Young the Giant (3)

The five piece band started out as The Jakes before signing with Roadrunner records in 2009 and releasing their eponymous debut album a year later.

Young the Giant (17)

The phenomenon of indie stardom comes the from a band’s ability to chart songs, sell out mid-size venues, and still remain somewhat unknown to the general public.

Young the Giant (5)

This phenomenon occured Friday night at the Fillmore Charlotte, as a veteran Young the Giant sold out the LiveNation venue alongside another indie superstar, by definition. Canadian songwriter, comic book author, and illustrator Lights (Warner Bros.) hopped on tour with YTG, both promoting their latest records and even a comic book signing for Lights.

Lights (7)

Opening up the show every night is West Coast alt pop singer Party Nails. Having played the Fillmore Charlotte last year, with Lights in fact, the night was more like a “Welcome Back” party than a show.

Young the Giant (9)

Young the Giant is currently in the midst of a heavy touring cycle, promoting their 2018 release Mirror Master.

Young the Giant (19)

Though critics haven’t been crazy about the record, fans of the band pay no attention to the reviews and sold out the venue anyway.

Young the Giant (8)

Opening up the night with the lead single “Mirror Master” before whirling through crowd favorites like “Titus Was Born”, the anthemic “Something To Believe In”, and “Simplify”.

Young the Giant (20)

The setlist for a band like YTG must be difficult to put together; YTG fans are simultaneously never happy with the setlist and completely stoked to hear some of the songs over and over again, i.e. “Cough Syrup”, “Tightrope” and “Mind Over Matter”.

Young the Giant (15)

The band closed out the night with “Silvertongue” and the song that started it all – “My Body”.

Lights (10)
Lights, yet another example of being a music giant in the understream, is also promoting new material, though she’s nearing the end of the cycle and two-timing her promotional efforts. Her fourth studio album, Skin & Earth, was released on 2017, as was her comic book of the same name. New music was released on a monthly basis, tied with a snippet from her comic book, until the album was released. Singles “Skydiving”, “Giants”, “Savage”, and “New Fears” all charted upon release, while “Fight Club” found a feature in Just Dance 2018.

Lights (3)

Opening up her set with a throwback to Little Machines, and a bonus track at that, “From All Sides” was Charlotte’s first intro to Lights since she toured with PVRIS back in 2017. She quickly moved to singles from Skin & Earth, with the danciest track form the album “Until The Light” and the most soulful track from the album New Fears”. The vengeful “Savage” came and went as we moved to the album’s anthemic “Skydiving”.

Lights (5)

The only other non-Skin & Earth track came and went in the form of “Running With The Boys” before Lights ended the night with four more tracks from the newest release, ending with “Giants”. There are two weeks of shows left on this indie superstar run, as well as a handful of comic book signings if that’s your cup of tea. Grab your tickets here and dance it up for us in the pit!

Lights (1)

See full gallery of the night here!

Catch this tour:

Today 6:30 PM2,238 guests
Richmond, VA
Thu 7 PM1,658 guests
Toronto, ON, Canada
Fri 6:30 PMby Young the Giant
Montreal, QC, Canada
Thu 7 PM544 guests
Sayreville, NJ
Fri 6:30 PMby Young the Giant
Milwaukee, WI
Wed 7:30 PM CST900 guests
St. Louis, MO
Thu 6 PM PST293 guests
Sat 6:30 PM PST6,655 guests
San Jose, CA
Mon 5 PM MST2,541 guests
Phoenix, AZ
Thu 8 PM PST466 guests
Portland, OR
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Tue 8 PM846 guests
Albany, NY
Uncasville, CT
Sat 8 PM1,117 guests
Norfolk, VA
Mon 8 PM791 guests
Wed 7:30 PM844 guests
Knoxville, TN
Asheville, NC
Tue 8:30 PM926 guests
Chattanooga, TN
Thu 8 PM CST512 guests
Oxford, MS
Fri 8 PM CST1,865 guests
Tulsa, OK
Sat 8 PM CST1,779 guests
Des Moines, IA
Columbia, MO
Thu 7:30 PM438 guests
West Lafayette, IN
Thu 7:30 PM171 guests
West Lafayette, IN
Sat 8 PM CST1,599 guests
Madison, WI
Sun 6:30 PM CST1,381 guests
Saint Paul, MN
Tue 8 PM CST258 guests
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Wed 8 PM UTC-06465 guests
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Fri 8 PM MST358 guests
Sat 8 PM MST606 guests
Calgary, AB, Canada
Mon 8 PM PST896 guests
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wed 7 PM MST1,172 guests
Missoula, MT
Thu 8 PM MST797 guests
Fri 8 PM PST724 guests
Sat 8 PM PST510 guests
Eugene, OR


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