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In This Moment Brings The Darkness To Evansville

In This Moment Brings The Darkness To Evansville

Maria Brink and her demons rolled into Evansville, Indiana with their friends, New Years Day, Ded and P.O.D for The Witching Hour Tour 2018. This is one loaded lineup and one that has its shades of madness. With the steam that bands such as Ded and New Years Day have behind them, they are hitting this year hard and right in the mouth with pulse pounding songs to get you ready for a head banging, high octane, circle pit kind of night! Also in tow with In This Moment are veteran rockers P.O.D. The 12 million record selling band hailing from San Diego, California came to Evansville’s Victory Theatre to make a bold statement, “We came to bring the boom because we never lost it,” said vocalist Sonny Sandoval.

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Upon arriving to the historic Victory Theatre, I spoke with several fans in the lobby about what songs and bands they were most excited to see and hear. As the doors finally opened, anxious fans charged the entrance and got checked in by security so they could get to their seats!

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First to the stage was Ded. Already gaining the attention of listeners and the industry itself with their in-your-face style of metal! The last time Ded played a show in Evansville was with Pop Evil; now back in southern Indiana, Ded has come with a new tour: The Witching Hour Tour and all the dark fun that was to be had hereafter.

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Frontman Joe Cotela got the crowd pumped and hyped for the rest of the night. “Cut the shit, let me see a circle pit!” exclaimed Cotela, blasting their new single “Hate Me.” Ded will be a force to be reckoned with in the months to come.

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Up next to melt faces: New Year’s Day. This dark, powerhouse band took over the night with energy and a tenacity I haven’t seen in a while.

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Lead singer Ash Costello has everything and more that you would need from a band with so much power; she commands your attention and respect!

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Closing out their set with the always badass “Defame Me.” This twisted sister and her talented band kept this party rocking into the night, as the party was just getting started.

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P.O.D. What comes to mind when you read those abbreviations? For me, it means nostalgic head banging, finger tapping on the steering wheel, all-out assault rock, just like back when this guy was growing up listening to all the hits as the rock stations played them!

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“The boys from the South,” as they refer to themselves in one of their songs “Boom”, brought so much energy and yes, as I said before, nostalgia to the stage!

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Giving us all the hits and some that we had forgotten. It was a nice trip down memory lane and taking a curve off to the side with some new favorites from the very humble and insanely talented guys in P.O.D!

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The night had finally fallen, it was time for everyone’s favorite band to take the stage.

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But before that… The curtains would fall, stage hands began to scatter and get everything set up for be biggest production I have ever seen for a rock show! In This Moment!

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Darkness and smoke bellowed beneath as Maria Brink appeared.

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“Blood” was the first song to kick off the Witching Hour!

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From multiple wardrobe changes, showering us all with a cryo blaster, taking us to meet the Big Bad Wolf, even treating us all to a rare acoustic performance of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight,” this show provided everything needed for the perfect witches recipe for the ultimate concert experience! Be sure to catch this tour before it’s too late!

See full gallery of the night.

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