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ICYMI: Manchester Orchestra announces album documentary

The real reason Manchester Orchestra dropped “I Know How To Speak”

Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra are currently more active than they’ve been in quite some time. With their fifth full-length just shy of a year old, A Black Mile To The Surface is everything the industry, both major Hollywood and the underground pulse, have grown to love about Manchester Orchestra, from sly transitions between tracks to guttural screams at the perfect moments.

It seems like a physical celebration of albums is becoming a theme in MO’s repertoire; i.e. their 2014 release Cope was followed shortly by an acoustic ode entitled Hope. Now, with ABMTTS nearing a year old, the band have announced a short film that recounting the recording process for the newest release. It wasn’t as if this was a complete surprise – though a film wasn’t entirely expected.

Earlier this month, Manchester Orchestra somewhat randomly revealed what seemed to be a standalone single “I Know How To Speak”, with no comment, glimpse into the future, or reasoning. Pretty classic move these days it seems. The single sounds like an extension of ABMTTS, almost the point of lunacy, as if to ask “Why didn’t this make the final cut?” It belongs in the puzzle we didn’t know was missing a piece. Fast forward to this afternoon and we received another hidden puzzle piece: the film.

View the trailer below, and keep an eye out for the film to drop on Friday, June 29th.


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