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Hungry Girl satiates our musical cravings

Hungry Girl satiates our musical cravings

I am not a regular at Snug Harbor, but I do make it out on occasion and usually it’s for a night just like this, a packed lineup of rock overload. The recipe works like so: take an awesome local band, add a regional or touring band, and finish it off with some some more local friends. It almost always makes for a great night of music. This night, local riff lords Hungry Girl were playing and they brought with them some friends from Georgia in Starbenders, and Paperback from Boone, NC. Each band brought a different attitude to the stage with sounds that ranged from emo, to glam, to garage rock. As varied as each of those sounds may seem, the nights music gelled together quite nicely and each of the fans of the music in attendance were left delighted.


Paperback began the night with a pop-punk brand of emo that, when delivered with the energy they exhibited on stage, really set the tone for the evening. These guys were completely new to me and, as mentioned before, this is one of the things that I really enjoy about venturing out on a night with line-ups such as this. So with the tone set, the second act of the evening found a way to carry the energy forward and upward.


Taking the stage and immediately grabbing the crowd’s attention, Starbenders are one of those bands that after seeing live I feel as if I have done a disservice to myself for not hearing them before. Their familiar brand of “Glam” rock moves with a heavy groove and poppy choruses tha,t after checking out their SoundCloud page, have been stuck in my head on repeat. Their performance showcased that they have the stage presence to match their big sound and deliver the total package of rock-n-roll entertainment.


Wrapping up the night, headliners Hungry Girl are a band that if you frequent live music in Charlotte you have likely seen, and if not, well then what are you doing with your life? Seriously though, the newest album Cool Shots from Hungry Girl opens with a song called “Kix” in which they sing about going 100 miles per hour, and that is the energy you can guarantee each time you catch them live. Hungry Girl’s riff-heavy garage rock dives into your skull and delivers pure rock and roll that can remind you of what you love about live rock music, with epic riffs and driving groove.

Luckily for all of us, if you missed out on this show, you will have some more chances to catch each of these acts. Paperback will be hitting the road for a tour of the South and Hungry Girl and Starbenders have teamed for a couple of more shows, one of which will be right back in Charlotte at Snug Harbor. Check the dates below for more information.


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Photographer Josh Gooch is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State, Josh Gooch works in education, teaching graphic design at the community college level. Photography became a passion during his college career, and remained a constant addition to the ever-present soundtrack of life. Privileged to have turned an ear to hip-hop at a young age, after developing a love of music from ‘80s radio, Josh found that the revelation of rock music in high school was what led him to really devote serious amounts of attention to music. From there it was that first club show that sparked an addiction to live music and the exposure to various forms of it during the college years, cementing a love of passion and truth in music. Now, with the ability to combine the passions of photography and music, he hopes to continue to develop a creative voice that others appreciate.


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