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Hinder brings a larger than life tour to Greensboro

Written and photographed by Gary Carota

It isn’t very often that you get four well-known national touring bands, who have collectively played in front of millions of people, and have sold millions of albums, all together on the same tour, focusing on hitting the smaller venues for a more personal fan experience.

So when Hinder, Josh Todd and The Conflict, Wayland, and Adelitas Way made their way through North Carolina, stopping for one night only in Greensboro at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center, we jumped at the chance to cover the show.

If you’re not familiar with Cone Denim, it is an old converted movie theater in downtown Greensboro that still has the movie seats upstairs that overlook the stage and open floor below.

Just joining this tour on November 4th, powerhouse rock band Adelitas Way opened the show with a stripped down solo acoustic performance by frontman Rick DeJesus with a guitar accompaniment. Rick did a quick 30 minute set of some of the bands biggest hits, which had so much of a personal intimate feel that I almost felt like I was watching him perform in my living room. He stopped several times, to do a little “storytelling” to the crowd, and it made for a very cool show opener.

The band from Grand Rapids, MI, Wayland hit the stage next. As it sometimes happens when a band is on the road on tour, the band’s lead singer, Mitch Arnold, woke that morning with laryngitis, and at show time, it was obvious his voice was still very hoarse. He briefly spoke to the crowd before the band started and said, “We do what we do for you the fans, and tonight, we’re not about to let you down, so please bear with me, and I’ll do the best I can.” With that intro, the band went right into a high energy set that blew the crowd away, mixing in a few new songs off the brand new album, Rinse and Repeat, with some of their ‘classic’ Wayland hits. Once Mitch got started, you never even knew he was under the weather, belting out song after song, reaching those high notes and signature screams he’s so well known for.

wayland (13)

After a brief 20 minute stage changeout, Josh Todd, best known for his vocals in the band Buckcherry, took the stage with his solo band, The Conflict. He quickly whipped the crowd into a frenzy, with his signature vocals, and incredible dance moves. Not ever seeing him live before, the first thought that came to mind, especially when he took his shirt off, was his resemblance  to a modern day Mick Jagger, strutting and dancing all over the stage, and definitely playing it to the crowd. For nearly an hour, he never stopped, never slowed down, and performed one hell of a set with his super talented band.

Josh Todd and The Conflict (13)

By the time Hinder hit the stage around 11pm, the crowd was more than ready for their headliner. They ripped right into their set, opening with “All American Nightmare,” and continued on, playing hit after hit. In a day where many bands who tour have become very vocal about fans using cell phones at their shows, it was quite refreshing to see Hinder embrace it, and actually use it to their advantage, creating a fan interaction that was second to none. About 20 times or so during their set, Marshal Dutton while singing, grabbed fans phones from the audience, giving them that ‘ultimate selfie experience’ singing into their phones, and panning the stage and audience, before handing them back to their owners. Many who were in the front rows left with a great memento and keepsake video of the night.

hinder (18)

All the bands after each of their sets, came out to their merch areas, to meet the fans, take pictures and sign autographs, making this show, certainly as up close and personal as it gets. If you have the opportunity to catch this tour, they’re about midway through it, as they cross the US, and ultimately end up out in California.

hinder (12)

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