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Highly Suspect Sells Out Headliner’s Music Hall

Highly Suspect Sells Out Headliner’s Music Hall

Three time Grammy nominee’s Highly Suspect packed the house in Louisville, Kentucky with their very special guests Bones. The night would be fueled with soul, electrifying guitars, and vocals that stretch the fabric of the music industry.

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I arrived a little early to find a good parking spot and scope the place out as this was my first show at the historic Headliner’s Music Hall. This would be my second Highly Suspect show and you would think I would know what to expect but the thing with a Highly Suspect show is that you never really know what you’re going to get in some aspects. Things you are guaranteed to get: a real performance from every performer, opening acts included, as the guys in Highly Suspect doesn’t just bring anyone on the road with them. You have to have just as much passion and admiration for the craft and the fans that they do. That’s something to admire and respect.

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“To be MCID it’s pretty simple: just don’t be an asshole and you’re in the crew,” said Johnny Stevens in a recent interview with Spotify. How simple it could be? Pretty simple. The rules and creed this trio and their crew live by are ones we all should. I’ve spoken with members of this dope crew and the vibe from this camp is one of strength and love forged in fun and respect for one another. This night would only just be getting started. I stepped outside for a look at the line and to talk to some fans to document their excitement for Shutter 16 Magazine in hopes of conveying such to our viewers and fans of Highly Suspect that couldn’t make it out.

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“These guys pour so much love and respect out for us fans; that is why we come to every show we can drive to! Because they (Highly Suspect) get it. They love us and we love them,” said one fan. This line stretched almost a block and a half for a capacity show.

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Once back inside I quickly got set up for the night’s adventures. First to the Headliner’s Stage was the United Kingdom’s very own, now So-Cal based, BONES. This powerhouse group was something even I wasn’t prepared for. Rosie and Carmen have a force that is unseen from many female led groups.

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These badass gals from the U.K. have a lot to offer the music scene and fans of Highly Suspect are now fans of these rad musicians.

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From unreal guitar solos and fret tricks to smooth and sultry courtesy of Carmen Vandenberg, vox from frontwoman Rosie Bones, and some slick and gut busting drumming from touring drummer Aaron Mathews. This dynamic and empowering duo will be one the scene for quite some time melting faces and rocking places.

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The night seemed to be at a standstill which in this setting was perfectly fine with us. Greeting us all and warming the fans was long time friend and integral part of the MCID DJ Redbees. This guy knows how to put some beats together and blend his dope sound with the sound of Rich, Ryan, and Johnny. It’s a compliment of its own. DJ REDBEES is one of those guys who can not only throw down the beat but make a fan feel just as part of MCID crew as anyone. Humility and hustle. Words that could not be more true for DJ REDBEES.

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With a boisterous “are you ready?!” Rich, Ryan and Johnny took to the Headliner’s Stage. “Hello kids,” greeted Johnny to the capacity crowd in Louisville. Beginning the night’s set with “Bath Salts,” adrenaline and energy exploded off the stage from this talented trio! Packed with excited and anxious fans, Headliner’s Music Hall was just starting the party with Highly Suspect! “Are you having fun Louisville?!” exclaimed Johnny Stevens!

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We all went for a ride between albums Mister Asylum and The Boy Who Died Wolf and even had some new sounds integrated into the set with Johnny’s synth. We sang along to fan favorites Bloodfeather and Lydia but were also treated to the personal favorites that aren’t necessarily radio singles such as “Fuck Me Up” and “Viper Strike.”

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The night even got a little sweet with some cake being thrown into the crowd along with some spirits! The fans and crew all came together under one roof to make another MCID memory with their favorite and one of my absolute favorites Highly Suspect.

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See full gallery of the night here!

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