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Héroe by Francisca Valenzuela tickles your feet, your mind, your soul.

Patrick O’Heffernan

(Ajijic, Mexico) If you love great music, powerful women, and people who blend art, activism and style into potent tools to change the listen and the world and you don’t know Francisca Valenzuela,  now is the time to meet her because she has just released a single, Héroe, that shows why she is all of that and more.

Valenzuela is an American-born, Chilean singer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, activist, poet, author  with two books and three albums to her credit and a long string of hit songs dealing with personal power.  Now in LA, she continues creating and producing on all cylinders and Héroe is her latest musical statement about  the power we all have within ourselves – for good or evil.

Richly produced with a flowing, pulsing urban background and complex , addictive rhythms from her keyboard, it skates on the edge of pop and psychedelic Latin rock. The combination of unexpected rhythms captures your ears as the lyrics flow across your intellect. It is both a curriculum on your personal power and a kinesthetic orgasm in your dance muscles.

Once is not enough with this song;  there are too many layers, too many hooks, too many meanings for anyone to listen just once.  That is Francisca Valenzuela’s genius; she can tickle your feet and engage your mind in the same song so well that they are addictive.  Héroe does that, which is why it is boundlessly enjoyable and will be boundlessly popular. And why Francisca Valenzuela is a commanding force to be reckoned with and a superb artist to enjoy.

Héroe“, available on all digital platforms.

Patrick O’Heffernan

Patrick O’Heffernan, PhD., is a music journalist and radio broadcaster based in Los Angeles, California, with a global following. His two weekly radio programs, MusicFridayLive! and MusicaFusionLA are heard nationwide and in the UK. He focuses on two music specialties: emerging bands in all genres, and the growing LA-based ALM genre (American Latino Music) that combines rock and rap, blues and jazz and pop with music from Latin America like cumbia, banda, jarocho and mariachi. He also likes to watch his friend drag race.

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