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Haunted Like Human Premiere New Single “Come A Little Closer”

“Come A Little Closer”

Nashville based Haunted Like Human, comprised of Cody Clark (guitar) and Dale Chapman (vocals), have stayed busy since the release of their Folklore EP last fall. In addition to writing and touring, the duo recently expanded their professional repertoire to include the composition of their first commissioned theme song: “Come A Little Closer.” Written for the serialized podcast The Schroeding Box by Josiah Bender, “Come A Little Closer” serves as each episode’s intro and outro music, but is the type of song capable of standing on its own as a complete entity. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 58 seconds (the perfect length for a single), “Come A Little Closer,” like all of Haunted Like Human’s songs, tells a story all its own as well as introducing its listeners to the themes and events of The Schroeding Box

Conjuring a heavily atmospheric and acoustic guitar laden introduction to “Come A Little Closer,” Clark sets the stage for Chapman’s stirring lyrics that directly reference events in the The Schroeding Box, but serve as wonderful metaphors for the everyday trials that comprise the human experience. Chapman’s plea to “come a little closer” serves as the binding refrain that ties all the experiences together. Although whether she’s wishing for the listener to come a little closer for comfort or for further examination is left open to interpretation through the ambiguity of her delivery. Thus the listener is brought into the composition as creative conspirator since they must determine the meaning of Chapman’s plea for themselves, thus helping bring the song to unique life with every listen. Such is the hallmark of great art. Clark and Chapman inspire their audience’s creative participation as deftly as Bender’s podcast does with its tale of a city that doesn’t exist and its haunting goings on. Musically, “Come A Little Closer” exists in that rare realm that most of Haunted Like Human’s music exists. It’s not quite folk, not quite Americana, not quite indie rock. It’s something much more interesting, and is as perfect a fit for The Schroeding Box as it is for Haunted Like Human’s cannon. 

Unlike most thematic music composed for a film, television series, or podcast, “Come A Little Closer” is a complete composition that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the band’s other excellent compositions in any setlist that Haunted Like Human performs during their upcoming summer tour. 

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