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Hall and Oates made Charlotte’s dreams come true

Legends Series: Hall & Oates bring Train along for the ride

Embarking on tour is pretty common for most bands nowadays, however what isn’t too common is creating a tour with headlining artists whose music spans across four decades. That’s just what Daryl Hall and John Oates set out to do when they partnered with Pat Monahan and his band Train to take a journey across the country sharing their music with fans. Since the 1970’s music duo Hall & Oates have been making history by claiming multiple Top Ten singles, including six that made their way to #1. Some of those chart toppers include “Rich Girl“, “Private Eyes”, and “Maneater”. Over the years this musical duo has been the soundtrack to many lives and have earned the right to claim the spot as the Number-One Selling Duo in music history. With all of these accomplishments under their belts, in 2014 it brought them to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Paired with this legendary duo comes a band that burst onto the scene in the late 90’s, introducing the world to a girl named Virginia from the hit song “Meet Virginia. That band, of course, is Train. Achieving success with hits such as “Hey Soul Sister” and “Drops of Jupiter” makes this band the perfect match for the musical duo. Now if you’re wondering how exactly a band like Train got paired up with Daryl Hall & John Oates for this tour the answer is actually quite simple. If you weren’t aware, Daryl Hall for years hosted a web series that also aired on MTV called “Live from Daryl’s House” and one of the acts that join him for a jam session was Pat Mohahan and the rest of Train. That was actually the first time the two met. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll be happy to know that it is back in production and will be returning soon. A few years later John Oates joined Train on their ‘Sail Across the Sun’ cruise. To celebrate the announcement of the two joining forces for the tour they decided to release a song together. “Philly Forget Me Not is a nod to Daryl and Pat’s roots in Pennsylvania and also marks the first single from Daryl and John in over fifteen years.  

As our night began at Charlotte’s Spectrum Center we were greeted with the smooth and smokey voice of Kandace Springs who resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Throughout her set she serenaded the crowd with songs written to soothe the soul, doing it all while playing the keyboard. Accompanying her on stage were her bassist and drummer who when combined filled the arena with a feeling of jazz that immediately made you take notice of who was performing in front of you. After playing a few songs it was time to say goodbye to the crowd and allow the set change to commence.

Train 1

The next act to take to the stage was Train, a band that I’ve personally had the privilege of seeing three times prior to this show. One of the ways they kick off each of their shows is when the house lights dim, you immediately hear the sounds of a real train over the speakers and as the train builds up speed the crowd roars louder and louder. Then the band walks on stage and what was once a dimly lit stage is instantly filled with color and music, in this case their song “Parachute” was the one to begin it all.

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They start strong and keep the crowd going through the whole set. One of my favorite parts is always when they sing “If It’s Love and Pat takes phones from fans to take a quick selfie with them, then tosses the phone back into the crowd. Then towards the middle of the song gets the whole venue involved by getting everyone to go crazy as he records the crowd on his own phone. During their show you can typically expect a cover song or two, on this night we were treated to two.

Train 11

The first cover song stems from Pat’s very first band that was a cover band who were really big into Led Zeppelin, in fact Pat loves them so much him and Train later went on to record their version of “Led Zeppelin II in full.

Train 9

However the song they chose this night was “Black Dog”, which the audience absolutely loved. Later in the set they also covered Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” before closing out their show with a crowd favorite and their Grammy award winning “Drops of Jupiter”.

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Then it’s time for Hall & Oates, and a sizzle reel reminds us all of the hits that have been created by the masterminds that are about to walk on stage. We then hear an announcer say “Welcome to the stage, your Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductees… Daryl Hall and John Oates”. The next hour is filled with hit after hit of easy listening songs that brought the crowd together. Not only did John and Daryl bring their A-game but so did their band. As the likes of the one they call Mr. Casual added some crazy funk to the mix with his outrageous saxophone skills. From a music and nostalgia standpoint this show had it all, even including some guitar solos, slower songs played by Daryl on piano, rhythmic bongos brought to you by Porter Carroll Jr, and much more. There were many moments that I would look around and see myself surrounded by people genuinely having fun and dancing.

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Before the night wrapped up Pat Monahan of Train joined the boys on stage to sing a few songs, of course they sang the song they both feature on “Philly Forget Me Not” but they then went on to sing a song that would bring chills to the audience. Daryl sat down at the piano and told us a short story about how him and Pat sing so well together and they proved that by doing a duet of “Wait For Me in which their vocals truly blended so well together. All of this happened as the background of the stage changed to create a feeling that put you inside an episode of Live from Daryl’s House. It was an amazing night that the audience continued to talk about as they exited after the show came to an end following “You Make My Dreams.

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I can definitely say at had a blast at this show and feel like I witness history. With that being said, make sure to get your tickets now and go be part of this once in a lifetime show that runs through the rest of the summer.

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