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Halestorm And In This Moment Showcase All Female Fronted Line Up

Halestorm and In This Moment Co-Headlining Tour 2018

We know that Hard Rock music may be a male dominated genre but some gritty women aim to prove they have their spot at the top too. Lzzy Hale, Maria Brink, Ash Costello, and Mixi have teamed up with their bands Halestorm, In This Moment, New Years Day, and Stitched Up Heart to bring an entirely female fronted tour to the U.S. This revolutionary tour line-up has spawned quite the excitement among hard rock fans as these are some of the best in the genre together on one stage.

Stitched Up Heart is the female fronted rock band from Hollywood, California but the group consisting of Mixi, Decker, Merritt, Randy, and Nick are no silver spoon fed brats from the Hollywood Hills. Instead the band was formed in the name of pain and heartbreak; their intention is to bring empowerment and the message that nobody is gonna do it for you.

New Years Day hails from Orange County, California and consist of Ash Costello on vocals.

New Years Day 16

Nikki Misery and Jeremy Valentyne team up on the guitar – together these semi newcomers have been out with crowds for a few years playing some of the biggest tours and festivals around. After appearances on Vans Warped Tour, Rock Allegiance, and countless other tours they have grown quite the cult following with young female fans even copying Ash’s signature red and black hair color.

In This Moment 26

In case you’ve been completely unaware of what’s been going on in the rock world, In This Moment is LA’s favorite goth dream. With six full length records under their black-studded belts, In This Moment are seasoned performers. With the release of their latest album Ritual in the summer of 2017, Maria Brink have taken things to a new level both musically and performance wise. The band has spent the past year perfecting their craft and have been out touring what seems like constantly in support of the album. The group’s performance is less rock concert and more circus/musical theater and they’re known to never disappoint.

Halestorm 8

Arguably one of the biggest names in hard rock, Halestorm led by one of the hardest working ladies in the Rock world. The group, who is signed to Atlantic Records, is nearly never not touring. Since the release of their first album in 2009 the band has played with everyone from Rob Zombie and Stone Sour to Evanescence. Lzzy’s lyrics are all about strength and empowerment, and she practices what she preaches as she’s a no b.s. kinda gal. The group is said to be releasing their follow up to the 2015 album Into The Wild Life later this year, which gives us the promises we will be seeing Halestorm again very soon!

When you talk about can’t miss tours, this one is most definitely on my list. Halestorm and In This Moment would have sold me alone, but sprinkle on New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart and you have yourself a real one of a kind party. It’s because of how amazing this tour is that I traveled my way three hours out to Reading, PA on a Thursday night because, well, I really mean it when I say this is a can’t miss tour!

Unfortunately because of the combination of far mileage, severe thunderstorms, and unworthy drivers, I missed seeing Stitched Up Heart. So no review for them but if you’re reading you could always go see them for yourself and feel free to report back to me.

When I did finally arrive to The Santander Arena in Reading, I was terrified I might also miss part of New Years Day. Thanks to the amazing venue staff and security they got me taken care of and right down to my shooting position, so shout out to the venue for being awesome and saving my night and this article.

New Years Day 14

As I got in New Years Day went on around 7:15 – they stormed out and the crowd immediately went wild especially when miss Costello walked on stage. NYD began with the song “Kill Or Be Killed” high energy and tons of headbanging things were off with a bang.

New Years Day 22

Midway through the six song set, Ash asked the crowd to take out their cell phone’s and lighter’s and put them in the air immediately the arena illuminated all around with lights from the crowd that looked like stars (icon photo.)

New Years Day 7

It was quite a beautiful moment and it seemed like the band was taken back for a moment as well, NYD set included fan faves “Otherside” and “Disgust Me” as well as a cover of Pantera “Fucking Hostile”.

In This Moment 3

Next up was the one of kind co-headliner In This Moment, the stage dimly lit and fog creeping everywhere. Maria Brink and ITM opened up with heavy hitting “Blood” now if you’ve ever seen In This Moment you know their show is full performance art and sometimes things can go a little wrong.

In This Moment 2

That’s what happened in the beginning, it looks as though they may have been having technical difficulties with some props, but like the artist they’re they recovered quickly and moved on. One new highlight of the set is an edition of video being projected on the white tent behind Maria, it really added a stunning effect to the show and created a larger vibe to the stage show.

In This Moment 22

I’m not sure if it was the venue lighting or if it was on purpose but the other band members were very hard to see this time, more than usual for sure. The set also features a ton of fog enough to fill up the first few rows of the arena. The setlist includes “River of Fire”, “Roots”, and “Black Wedding” which features a really cool guest appearance by Ash Costello from New Years Day dressed in nun like wardrobe. In This Moment end things in typical fashion like most their shows this year with the blood mask dancer entering the stage wearing the word SHAME and Brink at a podium with a large cone hat on her head that spells “Whore” which leads into the song by the same title and even giant balloons for the crowd to play with during the song.

In This Moment 14

Maria Brink and her band never disappoint from a fan perspective I loved the set, and that they kept some familiar parts of the show and just added some to elements to enhance the experience.

Halestorm 15

Next up and final act of the night was Lzzy Hale and Halestorm, let me start this by saying they completely stole the show and defied all expectations. Plain and simple they’re awesome and if you think they’re good on the album see them live. As the set starts they walk on to a stage of blue lights with just silhouettes able to be made out as the crowd roars with excitement, the lights come on full blast and the band goes into the track “Black Vultures”.

Halestorm 6

When you think the energy can’t get any better they perform the crowd pleaser “Love Bites”. By the third song in the set it’s clear the band is enjoying themselves, Hale smiles and her and guitarist Joe Storm even have a cool shred moment together. Lzzy breaks in between songs for a minute to thank the crowd saying “By being here you’re supporting woman, so thank you!”, she also tells the crowd that this is basically the homecoming show for the tour as the band is from Pennsylvania. Highlights from the performance definitely include a really cool rendition of their song “Amen” which is about six minutes long and has some awesome jam moments to it.

Halestorm 24

Also in the spotlight for the night is the band’s performance of the Adele cover of “Someone Like You” which was great! Other songs from the set include “Familiar Taste of Poison”, “I Get Off” and “Freak Like Me”.  All the performers put on a killer show but hands down Halestorm were showstoppers and at the top of their game.

Halestorm 25

I really suggest you go out and support not only a killer tour but also some badass hard working, talented ladies. The show is worth every penny of its incredibly low price tag because boy, does this show deliver a ton of bang for your buck. The first leg of the tour ends on May 27th but no fear you’re in luck, Halestorm and company have announced more dates scheduled for July 27th and they run until August 25th but hurry tickets are going fast and they’re covering a lot of cities they haven’t been in a while. Check out the full list of tour dates at the link below!

Halestorm 30

Full list of Halestorm/In This Moment tour dates available HERE.

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