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Halestorm And In This Moment Deliver A Vicious Ritual

The Third Times A Charm For The Ladies Of Rock

Back by popular demand and by my math for the third time in 2018, the female fronted hard rock tour featuring heavyweights Halestorm and In This Moment along with semi-newcomers New Years Day is back on the road for one of the top rock gigs of the year, these bands have pretty much visited every nook and crane across North America and if they haven’t, duck because they’re coming your way this time most likely.


New Years Day hails from Orange County, California and consists of Ash Costello on vocals. Nikki Misery and Jeremy Valentyne team up on the guitar – together these semi newcomers have been out with crowds for a few years playing some of the biggest tours and festivals around. After appearances on Vans Warped Tour, Rock Allegiance, and countless other tours they have grown quite the cult following with young female fans even copying Ash’s signature red and black hair color.

In This Moment BB&T 12_

In case you’ve been completely unaware of what’s been going on in the rock world, In This Moment is LA’s favorite goth dream. With six full-length records under their black-studded belts, In This Moment are seasoned performers. With the release of their latest album Ritual, which was released in the summer of 2017, Maria Brink has taken things to a new level both musically and performance wise.

In This Moment BB&T 6_

The band has spent the past two years or so perfecting their craft and have been out touring what seems like constantly in support of the album. The group’s performance is less rock concert and more circus/musical theater and they’re known to never disappoint.

Halestorm bb&t 3_

Arguably one of the biggest names in hard rock, Halestorm are led by one of the hardest working ladies in the Rock world Lzzy Hale. The group, who is signed to Atlantic Records, is nearly never not touring. Since the release of their first album in 2009, the band has played with everyone from Rob Zombie and Stone Sour to Evanescence. Lzzy’s lyrics are all about strength and empowerment, and she practices what she preaches as she’s a no b.s. kinda gal. The group released their long-awaited follow up to their 2015 album Into The Wild Life back in July and is appropriately titled Vicious, their most outright honest and in your face album yet.

When you talk about can’t miss tours, this one is most definitely on my list and has so since I’ve caught the first run of shows back in May. Halestorm and In This Moment is a major selling point as you can’t get sick of their shows, but sprinkle on the return of New Years Day to the bill and you have yourself a real one of a kind party.

In This Moment BB&T 22

As the saying goes ”if it’s not broken don’t fix it” certainly some sound advice these bands took into account when planning to take the show on the road once again. It’s because of how amazing this tour is that I traveled my way once again about two hours south to Camden, NJ on a Saturday night because, well, I really mean it when I say this is a can’t miss tour! The show was the last concert of the season at Live Nation’s BB&T Pavilion, and what a show to end the year with.


New Years Day went on around 7 pm – they stormed out and the crowd immediately went wild especially when miss Costello walked on stage. NYD began with the song “Kill Or Be Killed” high energy and tons of headbanging things were off with a bang.


Midway through the six or so song set, Ash asked the crowd to take out their cell phone’s and lighter’s and put them in the air immediately the arena illuminated all around with lights from the crowd that looked like stars.

NYD BB&T 12_

It was quite a beautiful moment and it seemed like the band was taken back for a moment as well, NYD set included fan faves “Otherside” and “Disgust Me” as well as a cover of Pantera “Fucking Hostile” in honor of the late Vinnie Paul.

In This Moment BB&T 27_

In This Moment BB&T 4_

Next up was the one of kind co-headliner In This Moment, the stage dimly lit and fog creeping everywhere. Maria Brink and ITM opened up with heavy hitting “Blood” now if you’ve ever seen In This Moment you know their show is full performance art.

In This Moment BB&T 7_

The set also features a ton of fog enough to fill up the first few rows of the arena. The setlist includes “River of Fire”, “Roots”, and their cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”.

In This Moment BB&T 23

In This Moment BB&T 16

In This Moment end things in typical fashion like most their shows this year with the blood mask dancer entering the stage wearing the word SHAME and Brink at a podium with a large cone hat on her head that spells “Whore” which leads into the song by the same title

In This Moment BB&T 31

In This Moment BB&T 26

Maria Brink and her band never disappoint from a fan perspective. I loved the set, and how they kept some familiar parts of the show and just added some to elements to enhance the experience.

Halestorm bb&t 17_

Next up and final act of the night was Lzzy Hale and Halestorm, let me start this by saying they completely stole the show and defied all expectations. Plain and simple they’re awesome and if you think they’re good on the album you have to see them live!

Halestorm bb&t 15

As the set starts they walk on to a stage of blue lights with just silhouettes able to be made out as the crowd roars with excitement, the lights come on full blast and the band goes into the track “I Am The Fire”.

Halestorm bb&t 1_
When you think the energy can’t get any better they perform the crowd pleaser “Love Bites”. By the third song in the set it’s clear the band is enjoying themselves, Hale smiles and her and guitarist Joe Storm even have a cool shred moment together. Highlights from the performance definitely include a really cool rendition of their song “Amen” which is about six minutes long and has some awesome jam moments to it.

Halestorm bb&t 7

Also, in the spotlight for the night is the band’s performance of the Dolly Parton cover of “I Will Alway’s Love You” which was great! Other songs from the set include “Vicious”, “Uncomfortable” and “Freak Like Me”.  All the performers put on a killer show but hands down Halestorm were showstoppers and at the top of their game.

Halestorm bb&t 11_

The Shutter 16 fam also wants to congratulate contributor Pete Troshak and Angie Lee on their engagement last night! The two made it happen in front of Halestorm, making the moment that much sweeter. Congrats, you two!

Photo by Judy Won (

Photo by Judy Won (

I really suggest you go out and support not only a killer tour but also some badass hard-working, talented musicians. This, I would imagine, would be the last chance to catch this line-up together. The show is worth every penny of its incredibly low price tag because boy, does this show deliver a ton of bang for your buck. The third leg of the tour wraps up on December 16th in St. Petersburg, Florida but no fear they’re covering a lot of cities they haven’t and even returning to areas they hit on the first two rounds. Check out the full list of tour dates at the link below!

See full gallery of the night!

Catch this tour:

Tue 6:30 PM CST3,325 guests
Evansville, IN
Wed 6:30 PM6,751 guests
Fri 6:45 PMJoshua Davis is going
Syracuse, NY
Sat 6:45 PM1,793 guests
New York, NY
Mon 5:30 PM4,916 guests
Cleveland, OH
Tue 6 PM6,653 guests
Detroit, MI
Thu 7 PM CST4,383 guests
St. Louis, MO
Sat 6:45 PM MST5,608 guests
1STBANK Center
Sun 7 PM CST5,307 guests
Park City, KS
Tue 6:45 PM CST5,941 guests
Wed 6:45 PM4,140 guests
Lexington, KY
Fri 7:15 PM CST3,529 guests
Hammond, IN
Sat 5:15 PM CST16,142 guests
Minneapolis, MN
Tue 6 PM CST4,519 guests
San Antonio, TX
Wed 6:45 PM CST5,475 guests
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Fri 6:45 PM3,312 guests
Orlando, FL
Saint Petersburg, FL
Sat 11 AM UTC+112,157 guests
Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Mon 11 AM UTC+111,993 guests
Flemington, VIC, Australia
Wed 7 PM UTC+13618 guests
Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand
Wed 8 PM UTC+13973 guests
Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand
Fri 7 PM UTC+13530 guests
Wellington, Wellington Region, New Zealand
Fri 8 PM UTC+13930 guests
Wellington, Wellington Region, New Zealand

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