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Green Day with Special Guests Catfish & The Bottlemen Pack The Riverbend Music Center

A three hour road trip to see one of the most widely recognized bands from the past two decades would make for the road trip of the year! Driving to Cincinnati I listened to all the classics and some of my own personal favorites that weren’t technically considered hits to the airwaves but were to me.

The Riverbend Music Center was packed to capacity for a show that would be remembered for years to come. First up to the Riverbend stage were Britain’s own Catfish & The Bottlemen.

Catfish 21 (1 of 1)
The band got their name from Ryan McCann’s childhood musical memory, playing beer bottles strung to wires, he went by the name Catfish the Bottleman. He was called “Catfish” because of an unusually spiky beard he had when he first began playing music in 2000. Ryan and company definitely left the fans more than just drenched in sweat from a rocking good time; they would all be caught hook, line, and sinker to the tunes and badass sounds of the Bottlemen. Ryan himself introduced the band to the Cincinnati crowd as some may not have heard of these guys before. They made sure that by the time they were done playing, no one would forget this powerful and dynamic band from the U.K.!

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The night fell down on the Cincinnati crowd at Riverbend Music Center and before we knew it, we were singing Bohemian Rhapsody while waiting for the shenanigans to begin. And shenanigans is exactly how this show started. Greeting the crowd was Green Day Bunny himself to the tune of Blitzkrieg Bop! Running around as the mascot pumped the crowd up, getting everyone in the spirit of excitement as well as throwing out some baby bunnies to the anticipating fans! It wasn’t too long before Green Day Bunny was yanked off away before trying to take center stage himself where Billie Joe Armstrong belongs.

Green Day 10 the bunny (1 of 1)
Comedy would start the show, rock would carry it. Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt, and Billie Joe Armstrong began to walk out to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” and set a cool tone as Tre Cool threw his arms and hands straight up to the sky to welcome us all to get hyped up and prepare us for the show of the summer!

Green Day 42 (1 of 1)

Billie Joe greeted us all and asked us if we knew the enemy as they grinded out their hit “Know Your Enemy.” About mid-way through the song, Billie Joe asked Cincinnati if anyone else knew the song, so he invited up a female fan to help him open the show.

Green Day 31 Fan sings W Billy Jo (1 of 1)

Excited, happy, overwhelmed, freaked out? It didn’t matter, she was on stage with Green Day! Then Billie Joe ssng right beside her as he played along and gave this girl a memory of a lifetime; she was sent back out to her viewing area in style via an enormous crowd surf back to her spot!

Green Day 28 Fan Hugs Billy Jo (1 of 1)

With a loud pop, Green Day started things off with a huge bang. Fans were screaming and reaching over me and all of the crew in the pit trying to get even a fingertip to Billy Joe and Mike’s hands. “Bang Bang” was our next trip into the world of Revolution Radio. Crazy ass riffs and smooth bass ignited everyone’s inner punk and rock out to this now classic hit from the veteran band. We got more than a taste of the current release in Revolution Radio as Billie Joe told the Riverbend crowd how beautiful they were as they all sang along. We even went back in time with American Idiots hit “Holiday” (one of my personal favorites).

Moving right along we were all walked down the boulevard of broken dreams all the way to a Dookie favorite “Longview.” Running up and down both sides of the stage like he has never missed a beat (because he hasn’t), Billie Joe brought up yet another fan; a young boy who helped the guys finish up this jam at the front of the stage and even swearing along each lyric in true rock and roll fashion/ This kid’s parents win for coolest parents of the year award!

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We were moved right back into a nostalgic Kerplunk hit as well in “2000 Light Years Away” and moved back in time with a huge bang as the backdrop behind Tre Cool changed and fell to the floor with more sick art to keep the mood set for almost every time fans and crew heard a song from an old school record. In between songs, Billie Joe made something very clear.

“Put your fucking cameras away man,” said Billie Joe with a smile. “If your looking at me through a camera phone, you’re not looking AT me, and I love you guys, so look AT me, because we’re going to have some damn fun. You can’t have fun with a phone in your hands. I love you okay, now let’s get crazy!”

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Things got really exciting when the crowd was asked if anyone knew how to play three chords.  Of course hands stayed up as the Billie Joe finally picked a young 11-year-old girl named Sadie.

“How long have you been playing?” asked Billie Joe, and from her seat she put up two fingers. “Two years? Alright fuck it, get your ass up here on stage!”

Sadie made her way up with the help of the event staff at Riverbend and quickly ran over to give the biggest hug a young fan could. Listening to what she was being told and where to put her fingers, she quickly started to play right along to an Operation Ivy song, “Knowledge.” 11-year-old Sadie was on cloud nine, and after she shredded with her favorite band, Green Day even let her keep the guitar she has just played! Talk about a memory!

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Green Day began a smooth and savvy “Careless Whisper” jam while winding things down for a bit; everyone in the band eventually ended up on the ground during the medley part of our show.

Billie Joe also included his thoughts on what is going on in the world.

“You get one life man, you get one life and that’s it,” explained Armstrong. “And you have those days where you don’t wanna get out of bed and the world is getting to ya, maybe you’re going through a breakup, maybe you’ve lost somebody, maybe you just can’t stand the world and you can’t stand reading the news. But just remember… life ain’t pretty man. But if you hold onto it, life can get pretty beautiful.”

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Green Day “closed” the show with “Forever Now” before hopping off stage for only a few moments before returning to give the encore of a lifetime! The trio came back out in a captain’s hat, a sphinx outfit, and a president’s mask, and even a bright ballerina skirt for Tre Cool himself. Billie Joe, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt returned in true fashion to play some more for the out of their mind excited fans with “American Idiot” and “Jesus Of Suburbia.”

Green Day 44 (1 of 1)
The night seemed to never end and that was perfectly fine with me and the rest of the fans at Riverbend Music Center. The guys treated us to some acoustic fun and jams a few more songs, and then it would be a road trip back home with new memories that we would all remember, as it has been said, “it’s something unpredictable, and in the end it’s right / I hope you had the time of your life.” As I can say for myself and the rest of the fans at Riverbend Music Center, we did.

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