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Green Day Is Causing An Internet Frenzy

What Is Green Day Up Too? Possibly Planning A “Dookie” Anniversary Tour!

Things have been quiet in the Green Day camp lately, and with an empty calendar for the near future, fans are now buzzing thanks to an Instagram post from the band’s drummer, Tre Cool.

Cool posted a photo on Instagram of the band with the caption “Fun band practice – swipe to see the setlist we played today”. One has to believe the band is hinting at touring plans, and that may not be unlikely.

The setlist in the photo appears to be a full set of the Dookie album; with anniversary tour these days not being uncommon, add that to the fact the record came out on February 1st of 1994, making early 2019 the 25th anniversary of Green Day’s Pop Punk classic album. It may be time to start freaking out a little.

The band last played the 1994 album in full at the Reading and Leeds festival almost five years ago, so anything is possible for a big anniversary of such a monumental record in the band’s career.

The band hasn’t officially announced anything, so for now all this talk of a Dookie tour is just a dream. Rest assured if it does happen, we will let you know and be front and center for it!

(icon photo by: Brandon Scott Hanks)

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