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Grace Potter Brings A Little Daylight To Charlotte

The Fillmore Charlotte 1/17/2020

Grace Potter hit the road just a few weeks ago in support of her new solo album, Daylight, which was released in October 2019. The Charlotte date was the 8th tour stop that runs through the end of March. Grace Potter took a few years’ break from music to begin the child-rearing of her now 2-year old, Sagan. Sagan is in tow for this tour to watch Mommy rock out on stage. That’s a pretty cool experience for a 2-year old and a different kind of lullaby to fall asleep to from all his toddler peers.

Grace Potter-0574

Opening for Grace Potter is Nashville-based singer/songwriter Devon Gilfillian. He is out touring with Grace in support of his debut album, Black Hole Rainbow, which was released on January 10th, 2020, just 3 days into the opening of the tour. Devon opened up with a previously released single, “Troublemaker”, off his 2016 EP. Following the opening song were “High”, “Lonely”, and then the most recent single, “Unchained”. The newest single is about being the best version of ourselves and not letting obstacles get in our way, which is a great message to anyone, no matter what stage they are at in their lives. Devon has an amazing voice that carries the soul and rock sound of his songs throughout the venue.

Devon Gilfillian-7834

He really sings with soul and you can feel his stage presence while he is performing. During a break between songs, he let the crowd know we are here to spread love and acceptance no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, what color your skin is, or what religion you practice. His message is that he just wants us to all get along and love one another. I do encourage you to check out his music and definitely try to catch him on this tour with Grace Potter.

With a short break between sets, Grace Potter’s supporting band members took the stage. The crowd waited in anticipation as each band member took to their instruments, and then finally you can see a shadow of Grace Potter climbing the stage steps and making her way upfront. The stage lights went crazy with white strobes going off to give a glimpse of her presence.

Grace Potter-0554

Grace Potter didn’t hesitate in strapping on her guitar and getting right into it, playing the self-titled song, “Daylight” off her newest album. If you have never been to a Grace Potter show, I encourage you to try to find a date on the tour to see her perform live. While she has a country kick to her songs, she definitely performs them in full rock n’ roll style, taking every opportunity to sling her long hair up and down in a headbanging motion. Watching the crowd rock-out to “Tiny Light” and “Medicine”, shows that Grace Potter really does have the medicine that everybody wants. The night was filled was hand pumping, dancing, and jumping around. Grace Potter has something for everyone. She takes to the organ for a few songs for a calmer mood while also demonstrating the depth of her vocals. At times, Grace would take a break from the singing and dance to the music on stage in her hippy psychedelic kind of way. She was having so much fun, she made mention of it being a Saturday night a few times during the set before someone upfront let her know it was actually Friday. I guess that being tired from having a 2-year old on tour and still rocking out, time just flies by. She did blame it on being a new mom but claimed not as new as the breast-feeding mom who threw her bra on stage. Oh yeah, did I mention while I was in the pit, a gangly looking bra was slung through the air and landed right on stage in front of Grace? Grace picked it up and hung it on her mic stand.

Grace Potter-8025

At one point in the middle of the show, she heard a concert-goer upfront ask Grace to tell the people in the back to be quiet. Her response was pretty awesome. She began telling everyone that when she was young, she was always the one being shushed. She said she wasn’t going to tell people who paid for a concert ticket how to enjoy their concert. She said everyone who pays for a ticket has the right to enjoy the concert how they want. And then she said, “However, those in the back, shut the fuck up”. We all know she was kidding, but it was really funny and everyone was laughing. Afterward, Grace performed an awesome version of “Release Me” on the organ without the accompaniment of the rest of the band as they took a short break. 

There were a few more surprises during the show, like Devin taking the stage to perform a song with Grace. The tour goes through until the end of March. I highly encourage anyone close to the cities to be performed in to go see this outstanding show.

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