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Glassjaw makes an energy-packed return to the Queen City

From nostalgia to beer-soaked mosh pits, Glassjaw took us on one hell of a ride…

Earlier this year, two of New York’s post-hardcore legends, Quicksand and Glassjaw, announced that for the first time ever, they would be sharing the stage together for a co-headlining summer tour. For us fans this was exciting news, especially so considering that both bands were on hiatus for what felt like an eternity until they each reemerged, releasing long-awaited new albums in late 2017. I was thrilled to see a stop at The Underground here in Charlotte included on this tour, however, I was disappointed to discover that this would be the ONLY date where  Quicksand would not be present. Bummer!


When I think of Glassjaw, two things come immediately to mind. One of those being my angsty early teen years when I would blast their albums in my bedroom, and the other is a night roughly seven years ago when I first saw these guys put on a killer performance at Tremont Music Hall. I had a frontrow view of the show and ended up meeting the band afterwards – an all around epic night that will forever stand out. So, regardless of Quicksand’s absence on this stop of the tour, I still had to catch Glassjaw while they were in town.


In December 2017, Glassjaw released their first full-length album in almost 15 years titled Material Control. This self-produced, new release packed a very familiar heavy punch and made for a satisfying return, but in my opinion, it’s likely that anything will ever truly measure up to their classics: 2000’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence and 2002’s Worship and Tribute…but hey, maybe that’s just the nostalgia talking.


Supporting Glassjaw on this incredibly humid Saturday evening was local Charlotte-based band Reaves.


Who kicked off the night by cooling down the audience with their indie-rock tunes such as “The Weekend” – giving off a much, much milder vibe than what was soon to follow, but a crowd pleaser nonetheless.


Once Reaves wrapped up their set and left the stage, the crowd slowly began to thicken up as people made their way back from the bars.


Just before the stage lit up again, members of the audience let out numerous ear-piercing screams as Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck made their way out.


Bassist Dan Ellis and drummer Chad Hasty also manned their instruments and the band opened up their set with “Cut and Run”, the ending track off of their latest project.


Next up was “Tip Your Bartender”, an old fan favorite and as for the crowd’s reaction – all hell broke loose from there. If you weren’t roughed up by the mosh pits, kicked in the back of the head by a crowd surfer at least once, or taken out by a random stage dive, did you really even attend this show?


The group’s setlist was mostly comprised of their newer releases, but they incorporated enough of their earlier hits that it seemed to keep fans both old and new satisfied.


As the energy-packed night was nearing an end and the sweaty audience should surely be growing tired by now, the band busted out another blast from the past “Siberian Kiss”, giving everyone in the room an adrenaline-filled second wind. By the end of their set, my shoes were practically glued to the floor from all of the beer being thrashed around. Total chaos, but a damn good time.


This tour will be ending soon, however, there are a handful of remaining dates so I definitely recommend catching them if they’re coming to a city near you.

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Remaining tour dates:

7/31 – Boston, MA – Royale

8/01 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory

8/02 – Montclair, NJ,- Wellmont Theater

8/03 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel

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