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Gift Rap and Dead Year’s Eve are Home for the Holidays. 

Gift Rap and Dead Year’s Eve are Home for the Holidays.

Words by: Jenny Lou Bement | Photos by : Brian Twitty

It all started at the infamous Northwest School of the Arts, a breeding ground for Charlotte’s contemporary creative community. Red Jesse and Fred Rock met and bonded over… well… art.

It wasn’t until years later, when Jesse Boykin Kimmel became Red Jesse, the rapper, that Fred Rock, aka Joshua Chapman, reached out and the two got together to write, what would eventually become, dope rhymes.

Dead Sea $crilla
Dead Sea $crilla has been performing live since about 2010 but it won’t be until the end of this month that we’ll (finally) be able to take their music into our cars and homes. Garnishing laughs with a heavy political undertone, their debut album, Dead Year’s Eve avoids sacrificing the entertainment value and craft of their musical methods without making sure you get a message.  See for yourself – Dead Year’s Eve will have your booty shaking and your mind grinding.

Produced by the infamous Justin Aswell, Dead Year’s Eve is set to release December 27, 2017 on the last day of Gift Rap – Dead Sea $crilla’s cleverly-titled December Residency at Snug Harbor. Think all that’s awesome? Well, that’s just a snippet of what they’ve got in store this December.
Every night boasts a talented line-up of art – a Charlotte sampler, if you will. This week, it’s The Snug Holiday Bizaar, featuring music from Sticks & Stones, Shadow and special cameos during Dead Sea $crilla from members of Malibu Shark Attack!, Earth that Was and The Alleged Assailants, as well as a performance of Noël à l’Épic by Creatures of the Universe. And don’t forget to show up early – local creatives will be selling their wares from 6-9 pm.
Stop by, finish your Holiday shopping, experience a variety of Charlotte creativity and get a live preview from Dead Sea $crilla of what is sure to become the soundtrack to your 2018. Don’t add another regret to 2017. See you there.

From this past week’s residency:

Nige Hood and the Folk Rap Band
Nige and the Folk Rap Band.

El Mapias
El Malpais



Dead Sea $crilla
Dead Sea $crilla

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