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Ghost – A Pale Tour Named Death, last night in Charlotte, NC

What You Missed, What You Should Know, and How You Can Catch Up

Photos by: Ricky Thigpen

They come bearing gifts of metal and splendor. The altruistic demigod Cardinal Copia brought all his silky sermons to woo the crowd last night with his Nameless Ghouls to round out the performance line-up for Ghost. If he wasn’t rocking the side-to-side stage runs, acoustic jams, or holding hands with a sweet lady fan in the front row, giving her the night of her life, he was giving killer quotes about people, who on this dreary night were sitting outside the venue, mere feet away, protesting the band’s incredibly dedicated satan worshiper fans. Oh the insanity! (See “Protests” below)


For those unfamiliar with the Grammy award-winning Ghost, they are a super group paired with several different rotating musicians donning cool sculptured masks and lead by Tobias Forge. Sure they are all in make up and masks and have some of the best lights and photopit rules in all the land, but the music and the fans are what really make these shows noteworthy. The fan interaction and all of their precious ghouls-igan antics lead into, for me, the best part; looking around to see all the fans dressed to the nines in various eras of the bands 12 year stint. I mean, they have a way to touch you and have the feeling stay. Nostalgia.


For one fan, Stephanie Plyler, nostalgia is an understatement. She admitted that the band had touched her deeply through an awful time in her life and even though it might seem a little odd with the lyrics and content of their newest album Prequelle but having a chance to get lost in the sounds and the tour itself helped her cope while dealing with the death of her beloved father, who lost his battle to cancer not so long ago, and “all that was happening right around the release of the new album so it just clicked.”  She went on to say, “ I appreciate how they are keeping the shows to smaller venues and still giving a more intimate performance. It’s a total theater experience wrapped in a metal show, and the girl playing the tambourine in the back was a favorite moment of joy during this show, it was just an infectiously happy moment.”


The set-up:

No gimmicks here – just amazing face paint, gorgeously intricate masks and robes, and a story of all stories. The band is known for their deep backstory always leaving clues to the next move, band member shifts, and let’s just say these dudes know how to promote the f out of everything. I think they could sell air to fans and make a killing.


The stage is a few elevated levels and spots for the nameless ghouls, a church scene with ample billowing stage smoke filling every crevice of the platforms. Spotlights dance with Cardinal Copia – as Mr. Forge always stays in character and what a character he is.


With quips such as: “However, I bet you did not expect there to be one song on tonight’s repertoire so gosh darn heavy that it would tickle your taints, did ya!” and to everyone’s uproar they were all about it. “Mummy Dust” was one of the highlights of the show.

(video by fan Stephanie Plyler)

It’s definitely a church of music-like atmosphere – a fandom, a connection, and if we are going down in flames at least we are having a blast! Here is a little bit of their backstory when David Zeck got a chance to see some of the latest press releases and performances .


Lately they have been in the news a bit with:


A lawsuit – Tobias Forge the fearless leader is being sued again, petitioners (ex band members) citing that the previous judge and Forge have Freemason ties. This is not a reality TV gimmick, this is real life. Who comes up with this stuff? You can read all about the suit here.

Their new single “Dance Macabre” is for sure a staff favorite as well and we anxiously awaited to hear it live.


The band came to Charlotte, smack dab in the middle of the bible belt, and the crazies came out to protest. Yes, harsh word “crazies” – but not when you think about it. Are we REALLY sinning enjoying some darker music that may or may not be blasphemous? Are we really going to burst into flames for throwing up horns, screaming our lungs out, and escaping from the stress that life throws at everyone daily? Sometimes, just sometimes, we find chances to get lost in the entertainment of the night and lucky for us, it was Ghost because if you are fan of the music itself or the theatrical show you experience you are definitely entertained.


In front of the venue, there were a couple of people, including one entire family, with signs picketing – a bullhorn screaming how everyone attending “Worships Satan, steals, and murders, and will of course go to the big H.” The soundtrack to their efforts were some classic Christmas tunes; Holiday cheer knows no boundaries! Honestly think the only thing we stole was a moment to dance at a concert, the only thing we worship is music our lord and savior, and murder … I might have murdered a plate at Midnight Dinner after the set. We danced so hard – we need to carb back up! So take back your oversized cross Gabriel and let us MOSH!


Touring hard on the new album and where you can see them:

Ghost are currently stampeding across North America on this tour in support of their latest LP, Prequelle, which came out this past June. They were on the Rats! on the Road Tour in the United States which ran from May until June 1st. They opened up for Guns N’ Roses in Oslo, Norway in July but began A Pale Tour Named Death in London, England at Royal Albert Hall on September 9th.


A North American tour of the same name began later in the fall featuring two headlining arena shows in LA and NYC and will continue in 2019 over in Europe. You can also catch the band in March 2019 in Australia as part of Download Festival and lastly but certainly not least in May-August you can see them on the road as an opener for Metallica’s Worldwired tour (see our coverage of this tour here)!  To see the full list of upcoming dates, head over to the bands website.



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