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Getting to Know Canada’s Latest Music Talent: Alexia Langis

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By: Amanda Walsh

At a time when technology and social media seem to have consumed most individuals, to the point where almost nothing is kept secret or private, Alexia Langis manages to remain a bit of an enigma. In fact, good luck trying to find information about her online. The only information you will find related to the young singer-songwriter are where to listen to, download and/or stream her music, and that she is from Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

“I’m someone who doesn’t really like to put all my life on social media because I’m using my music to talk about me,” Langis told me in an email interview. “I want people to go listen to my music and not be on their phone all day, to go get some information about my life.”

Langis, who released her very first EP in September of 2017 entitled On the Way, explained that she had been writing songs for a long time before she actually recorded anything. Once she finally had her home studio, it then became only a matter of choosing which songs to include on the EP because she had the sound of each in mind already when she went to begin the recording process. As a debut release, this EP feels like a clear depiction of the type of artist Langis is and who she’s inspired by, rather than a misguided experiment one might expect from a new artist just beginning their musical journey.

With its sombre tone and haunting melodies, On the Way is the kind of music rainy days are made of. One listen to the six songs on her EP and it’s evident that piano driven ballads and honest songwriting are where the singer’s comfort zone lies.

“My voice is really soft, and I know that I can’t sing like Beyoncé, but for sure this EP was sadder because I wanted to write a whole EP about life in general and problems we all have,” Langis told me. “I really wanted an atmosphere that fit with every song. I think that my voice is made to do sad songs, but I love to do different, and I try my best on the new EP to work with my voice.”

The singer went on to explain that she actually prefers to keep her voice lower because she loves to focus completely on the words she’s singing and not on her vocal control. She added that on this first EP she was singing about things she’s frustrated with and wanted her voice to reflect exactly what she was thinking about.

From a lyrical standpoint, it’s obvious each song on her EP comes from some place deep and personal because that feeling of complete sincerity is heard throughout On the Way in every graceful note that Langis sings. This raw realness is especially heard on tracks like “Thankful” and “Little Story,” where the conviction she sings with is undeniable. The Canadian native explained that when she’s feeling inspired she writes really fast, and so the songwriting comes very easily to her in that moment. One subject matter you won’t hear Langis singing about, however, is love. 

“A majority of artists today are writing about love and it’s not taking my heart. I love crying when I’m listening to the words because I know that it’s real and deep,” she admitted to me. The singer-songwriter continued to elaborate on her songwriting process, and explained that when she’s listening to music, she tries to find a song that can give her a feeling.


“It sounds weird, but music is something that can take my heart, and the instrumental is more important than lyrics when I’m writing.”

Although it’s not uncommon for songwriters to collaborate with other songwriters on occasion, Langis prefers writing solo verses with somebody else because as she stated, “I love to have complete control and I’m writing about situations that everybody and I can pass through in life, so I want my songs to be the perfect reflection of that.”

Langis fell in love with piano at 12 years old after seeing a friend play one day. The singer told me that from the moment her parents bought one for her, she spent all her time in her bedroom learning to play. It wasn’t long after that the singer-songwriter learned to play guitar as well because her brother bought one for her. And like many young artists who discover their love for music through learning to play an instrument (or two), Langis started posting YouTube videos of herself.

“I was already writing songs when I first posted on YouTube, but I was too shy, so I started with covers. Actually, people started to send me messages to say they were so in love with my voice, so I thought it was the right moment to start recording my own things. With YouTube it’s really easy to have a good connection with people, so I became a lot more confident and I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Another inspiring moment that influenced Langis’s decision to follow her passion for music was hearing Tori Kelly sing for the first time. The 19-year-old described the experience by telling me, “When I first heard her songs it was the moment I realized that music can really have a big part in everyone’s life. I said to myself that if this person can change the way I see my passion, then I can do it for someone else. Then I started recording my first song, ‘Holding On.'”

As the first song she recorded, I wondered why “Holding On” wasn’t on her On the Way EP. Langis said that, “Holding On” is about the relationship you have with the thing you love the most and that you can’t live without, so it didn’t really work with the concept of my EP. I really wanted to do an album talking about life, that when you listen to every song in order, you can see someone’s life from the dark to the light.”

Though she’s only 19, with her introspective songwriting style and gentle vocal talents, Alexia Langis certainly has the potential to take her artistry to the next level as she matures both musically and non-musically.  Fans of Alesia Cara, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and Amy Lee (Evanescence) will no doubt find Langis’s music appealing and will definitely want to follow the young singer-songwriter through her musical journey. Langis is already recording her second EP and said she’s excited to not just release new music, but also to write songs more powerful than those on her On the Way EP.

Follow Alexia on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to check her music out on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!

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