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Getting down with Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Getting down with Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Photos by: Richard Thigpen 

An intimate moment with a band you cherish is a once in a lifetime chance to experience the music how the artist’s intends it. How many times have you missed a tour and said “I shoulda, coulda, woulda,” and in the end the band breaks-up, or sadly someone in the band passes and you lost your chance? The Robert Randolph & Family Band is not a band to have any of these sayings be reality for any respectable music fan, especially if you get down with the likes of any kind of guitar virtuoso. They brought their tour to the Neighborhood Theatre on a Thursday night in NODA to a lively crowd.
Robert Randolph-1299

The funky soul band played some of their new album, Got Soul, including smash hit  “Love Do What It Do,” (the album version features Darius Rucker) that moved the crowd to their feet and had them singing along a bit more than before. The first time I ever heard the tunes, instant dancing commenced. The multi-dimensional sound of soul, funk, and R&B, with the heavy bass and sultry guitar, puts you in a feel-good mood.

Robert Randolph-1498

Maybe I’m biased as we are NJ brethren, though I’d have guessed their sound came from the depth of the New Orleans jazz funk era. Maybe somewhere deep within the swamps – a hot southern day, ice tea, glass sweating, grabbing an ice-cube from within and running it down your neck to cool the heat. Craw-fish boil tables news-papered, sundresses, and fans inside a house with a broken air conditioner. Hanging from the rafters to get a better glimpse of the band on the stage. Getting too close with strangers losing the inhibitions within the rhythmic airwaves. I want to be at this concert; don’t you? Can you smell the funk, can you feel those good vibes?Robert Randolph-0979

The new album, Got Soul, is a label debut for the band on Sony Masterworks. After a short listen, you see it’s an album for the guitar mavens to flock and talk about, study, and attempt to emulate as much as possible. You’re hard-pressed to find such pluckers with such precision not in their dying days. The smart editing and succession of this album lands it in our must-grab bin and will be on the front of our website for many to enjoy for quite sometime. Congratulations to the band for the new album and successful tour thus far.

If you are in the CLT triad – they have a show tomorrow at The Music Farm in Charleston, SC, as well as a show the next night at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC with talented opener Luke Wade. Their new album Got Soul is available iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music and more…

Final Thought: I’m still dancing.

This tour should be attended with a date and after the show – we all know what is going down ya funky freaks. Get it!

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