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Get to know the insightful, musical mind of Sven Curth

Hillbilly-Folk Music in New York State

Photo by Carl Rubino

Hillbilly, folk, and blues music may just seem like something you would hear when you’re in Southern territory of the United States. But how surprised would you be if I told you that an amazing musician who specializes in this type of music actually lives in New York State, about four hours away from Canada? That’s right, Sven Curth is a country guy who lives in the North!

The self-proclaimed music lover, and hater of self-promotion, is one of Shutter 16’s breakout ReverbNation Artists, meaning we (yes! us!) get the golden ticket to get to know the bluesy-folk musician.

With Northern roots and a Southern soul, Curth genuinely has a unique perspective of music. Influences upon plentiful influences are everywhere he looks, from the music he listens to to the environment around him.

“Although I love it dearly, I hail from a musical wasteland,” admitted Curth. “The music styles that I have chosen to dabble in come from my family, friends, education, travels, and experiences. Clearly the amount of sunlight a region sees plays heavily into its musical heritage. Or maybe people in the North are just too busy insulating, hoarding food, and chopping wood to have any time for such frivolity.”

And yet Curth found the vibe. Despite the majestic “wasteland” normalities, the folk artist found beauty in even the smallest of “frivolity.” To bring those ideas to life, and present them unapologetically on a platform, is whole new beast.

I don’t recall my first show,” revealed the songwriter. A romantic notion or a traumatic sign?

“I used to play trumpet with my mom in church, but I never remember feeling nervous until I got older. In fact, the older I get the more nervous I am before playing… Once I get going it’s fine, and I find a drink or two helps tremendously…  (Kind of a metaphor for life, really.)”

Escaping said wasteland, Curth spent time at the Berklee College of Music located in Boston, Massachusetts back in the 90’s, followed shortly by touring with the rock band Jim. However this is not where his talent in music began. One of the tracks on Curth’s second album entitled Con Disco Rotatorio is entitled “Hot Dog Stand.”

Oh yes, you read that right.

“Hot Dog Stand.”

A bold career aspiration which was the product of Junior High boredom, a little bit of rebellion, and a whole lot of satire, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Thank goodness that career path didn’t work out (was it ever pursued?). Along with playing the guitar and mastering the mic, Curth also plucks the banjo and is confident with a bass, though states he is “a weak drummer at best.” Nevertheless, inspiration strikes the creative soul regardless of musical talent. All it takes are a few good role models and some courage. Curth’s origin of courage? Louis Armstrong. Muddy Waters. Duke Ellington, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Kris Kristofferson just to name a few. Take a second listen to his latest EP and tell us you don’t hear the subtleties.

If you would like to listen to the unique music of Sven Curth, or just get to know him better, please find him on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and especially check out his website! All links and user names are listed below!


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