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Get Ready To Praise The Gods of Rock With Black Mass Choir

San Diego Rockers Take Us to Metal Church With Debut EP 6

Grief is one of the most powerful emotions that a human being can experience during our journey here on Earth. Throughout the annals of human history, the arts have served to channel these feelings and bring about a cathartic healing. Some of the greatest art has come from our deepest despair whether it be the paintings of Rembrandt or the poetry of Maya Angelou. After the loss of his mother, Lyn, in 2016, bassist Drew Gino Zollo turned to the art form he knew best, music.

Zollo, a respected musician in the San Diego music scene for years, partnered with fellow musician, guitarist, and studio owner Bort Schrader to record and arrange some of his new ideas into a cohesive catalog of tracks. To put words to his songs, Drew reached out to former bandmate, vocalist Will Wolf and the band Black Mass Choir was born. Rounding out the lineup is Jimmy Zollo on guitar, who just happens to be Drew’s brother, and drummer Carl Marelli. There is a natural chemistry amongst the bandmates as they have all been playing together in some capacity, on and off, for over twenty years, making Black Mass Choir a true musical family.

Their debut EP 6 consists of, surprise, surprise, six songs of infectious, hard hitting rock and roll. The record was mixed and mastered by Zollo’s friend, the Grammy nominated producer Marc Desisto, who has worked with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel and Don Henley to name a few. It has a fresh, modern feel that sounds crisp and clean on record but will also carry over well in a live setting. In fact, the first track “Slaves,” is a true stadium anthem in the making. I can easily picture lead vocalist Will Wolf running onto stage at a huge rock festival, screaming the opening words “Resurrect me!” and having the crowd go absolutely crazy. The song has an edgy vibe that doesn’t let up and reminds me quite a bit of Rage Against The Machine. The crashing drums and grooving beat of “Lock the Door” are a force that will have you on your feet. Then the slinky feel of BDYLC begins and you can’t help but move to the grind while shouting out “Burn down your local church!” The onslaught to your senses continues with “Beast” and “Black Mass Choir,” making it hard not to stand and pump your fist in the air. The pace slows but the heavy remains with the closing tune, “Watch Me Drown,” with its haunting melody and soaring vocals from Wolf.

With top notch songs and some of the most technically skilled musicians around, this is a band you won’t want to miss. Kneel down before your altar and praise the gods of metal as you worship with Black Mass Choir.

Shutter 16 had the opportunity to catch up with Drew Zollo and get some personal insight into the songs as well as the formation of the band. You can listen to the complete interview with Drew below



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