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Get ready for the Khalid: The Roxy Tour 2018

Just over two years ago, young R&B sensation Khalid Robinson broke onto the music scene and has been going full speed ever since. You most likely know him by just his first name, Khalid. You may have also recently seen him voted as the Top New Artist at this years Billboard Music Awards. What you may not know, though, is that this young man from Georgia introduced himself to the world with his debut single “Location” in 2016 which ended up going quadruple platinum. As it turns out his high school peers were right when creating the senior superlatives, because right above the phrase “Most Likely To Go Platinum” stood an image of Khalid.  Now this is an incredible feat for any artist, but for some when this occurs early in their career it can make them feel as if it’s going to be impossible to match or even top that kind of success. Khalid saw this as a opportunity to prove how much of an artist he truly is. At the age of eighteen with “Location” already released, Khalid was in the process diving further into the world of music as he was creating his debut album “American Teen.

A little over a year after “Location” dropped he had gained an incredibly loyal fan base that were helping him sell out venues around the country. He was now ready to introduce the world to more of his art, so on March 3rd of 2017 his first album was finally released. With its release came some of the catchiest and soulful tunes, some of my favorites include “Another Sad Love Song, “Shot Down, “8TEEN, the title track “American Teen and of course the song that filled all the speakers of last year… “Young Dumb & Broke. I can’t help but to feel that song alone will go down as one we’ll be listening to for years to come.

There’s something about it that makes me want to sing and dance along every time I hear it. Just after I thought I had heard enough to go without it for a while, Khalid collaborated with Imagine Dragons for the American Music Awards to create a mashup of his hit “Young Dumb & Broke” and their chart topper “Thunder“. Needless to say, that song was on repeat for me for a solid two weeks. The performance was so popular in fact, they released a studio version a few weeks later.

It was Khalid’s ear for music paired with his amazing personality that made other artists want to collaborate with him. One of the most talked about songs of 2017 featured both Khalid and Alessia Cara, I am of course talking about Logic’s incredibly powerful “1-800-273-8255. It put not only all three of these outstanding artist in the spotlight but also sparked conversations around the world as suicide, self harm, and depression were something not often talked about in mainstream media. Reminding everyone that are things that occur everywhere, but they don’t have to and certainly shouldn’t be pushed away or into the dark. Also encouraging anyone that may be having a hard time to reach out to someone because it can help and that’s where the title of the song sources from, The National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

The collaborations did not stop there, since then Khalid has went on to work with others such as Marshmello with their dance hit “Silence. Even partnering with 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign to create “OTW“. Also, most recently working with Normani of Fifth Harmony to release “Love Lies and even Shawn Mendes for “Youth“. With all this music being created inside the studio Khalid still finds time to embark on a world wide tour. The current tour that we had the please of joining him on is titled The Roxy Tour which get its name from Khalid’s adopted Pitbull mix. Unfortunately Roxy passed away in December but Khalid honor her memory each night on tour. He has also chosen to donate $1 of every ticket purchased to local animal shelters at each stop on tour.

Speaking of a tour, you can catch Khalid as he continues his musical journey across the country. Which runs from the beginning of May through the first week of June in the U.S. Then it’s off to a few stops in select locations overseas. Can’t find time to see him on this tour? No worries, with all of the talent Khalid has, paired with his passion for music and art. It’s certain that we’ll be hearing plenty from this young man as the years pass by.

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