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Gallery: Rapid Fire Metal Fest

Gallery: Rapid Fire Metal Fest

What’s better than a normal-sized bill of metal bands?

An all-you-can-stand, buffet style show with nine of the Carolina’s best metal thrashers! From death metal to classic, everything you’ve ever wanted in a grungy show happened at the Milestone last weekend. And we’ve got the gallery to prove it.

Sift through the night with photos from Kevin McGee and mark your calendar for next year’s! Don’t mess up again, dudes.

Venue: The Milestone Club

Performances by:

Written In Gray
Written In Gray - 06

Written In Gray - 01

Krvsade - 01

Krvsade - 05

NeverFall - 01

NeverFall - 05

Axattack - 04

Axattack - 03

Children of the Reptile
Children of the Reptile - 03

Children of the Reptile - 04

Old Scratch
Old Scratch - 03

Old Scratch - 04

All Hell
All Hell - 03

All Hell - 07
Nemesis - 04

Nemesis - 02
Suppressive Fire
Suppresive Fire - 05

Suppresive Fire - 01

See full gallery of the night here!

Once an aspiring male model, Kevin quickly realized he had a face that was better suited to being behind the camera. When he's not at a concert, he can often be found at sci-fi conventions or preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse.

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