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GALLERY: Novarium, Venus Invictus, and more in Greensboro

Gothic Takeover

Greensboro was treated to a night a various metal Southeastern legends, displaying talents from Novarium, Venus Invictus, and Murder Maiden at the Somewhere Else Tavern this weekend. Opener EdensKiss was particularly anxious to perform, as it was their debut show!

DC’s own Novarium are currently supporting their latest release, Omicronbringing the power of raw vocals and thrash metal to anyone who will listen.

Shutter 16 veterans Venus Invictus were a familiar face in the sea of metal heads, though every show feels like a family reunion. Charlotte’s fresh-faced rockers are, in their own words, “experimental music on the rock-metal continuum” and no doubt “worth a try.” Regardless of musical preference, they get some cool points for embracing the “show must go on” vibe. Bassist Harlynn Spectra’s bass died the night before, so she was playing with a brand new instrument. #Dedication amirite? 

Murder Maiden is a band photog Kevin McGee had been wanting to check out for some time. Plenty of metal bands that wear costumes and have horror thematics, but, according to McGee, “I thought they did it better than most. They incorporate bits of the dark carnival genre and pull off the creepy circus/sideshow vibe very well.”



Venus Invictus - 02
Venus Invictus - 03Venus Invictus - 07

Venus Invictus - 05


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EdensKiss - 10
EdensKiss - 07

EdensKiss - 03



Murder Maiden - 01
Murder Maiden - 02

Murder Maiden - 10

Murder Maiden - 11



Novarium - 07
Venus Invictus - 06

Novarium - 04

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