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GALLERY: Chevelle at the Fillmore Charlotte

Chevelle at the Fillmore Charlotte

It has been over 20 years since the suburbs of Chicago produced one of the most interesting alternative bands around, Chevelle. Originally, all three Loeffler brothers picked up their instruments and crafted out a sound that was unique to their own, After a decade together, Joe and the band decided it was time for a change and they parted ways. This left the bass slot open, but eventually Pete and Sam found a way to include another family member and added their brother in law, Dean Bernadini, to the mix to give us the current lineup that has been rocking crowds for years.


Out on their 2017 Winter Tour, Chevelle, 10 Year and Aeges have been working the Midwest, South, and Northeast. Fortunately for us here, we had two chances in North Carolina to check them out, one at the Fillmore in Charlotte and the Ritz in Raleigh. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Charlotte.


As Aeges geared up, my night started off a little unusually. I wasn’t approved to shoot either of the opening bands, only Chevelle. So, we were politely asked to either exit or not enter the photo pit. I am not sure what happened there, but hey, one never knows what one might run into when covering a show. No pictures, sorry Aeges and 10 Years fans. Aeges and 10 Years. Both openers did their thing right to set the stage for Chevelle.


One thing I have always like is a 3 man band. One guitar, drums, and bass. It always feels like such a raw sound to me. I really appreciate a singer who can rip up a guitar neck, sing at the same time. Brown wood grain Fender in hand, Pete took his spot, put his head down, and the guys played a straight ahead rock show, just like they have for the last 25 years. They don’t do a lot of talking, but a they do bring a lot of music. Just like I like it. No BS, all Rock and Roll. This lets the guys play all the songs they want to play, and they are able to play all the songs the fans want to hear too.


Well lit stage allowed the fans to look deep into the eyes of Peter and he made eye contact with everyone he could. Pete and Dean were certainly right up close and personal, another cool thing with a 3 piece, they are right there. Spot lights angled from side to side around the guys while Sam laid down a consistent beat behind them. The sound coming out of Dan’s bass sounded really interesting up close. I don’t usually notice the bass sounds down in the photo pit, but whatever that Ibanez BTB was pushing out of those Mesa Boogies was very interesting, and LOUD! It got my attention and sounded sick.


Stripped down and lyrical, the band brings a huge full sound that most bands can’t mirror. Their multiple tunings keep you guessing and keep the music interesting as they move through their setlist. With a distorted, deliberate pace, Chevelle’s sound doesn’t override the lyrically qualities of Pete’s vocals.


We all have heard the comparisons to various other bands, but Chevelle does something a little different. They may have had some strong influences, but their sound is unique. The near capacity crowd seemed to agree. The surfers rode the crowd, not with the normal ferocity of a Metal show, but it was more of a fluid ride on a longboard on a 5 foot swell on the North Shore.


Chevelle  has a few more dates in December, so make sure to get out to see them and support the tour.

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