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Friendsgiving with Walk The Moon at The FIllmore

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Words by: Stephanie Cunningham | Photos by: Jeff Hahne

I walked into the Fillmore Charlotte on Sunday night ready for a show exciting enough to get me through the next few days until Thanksgiving. 106.5 The End was hosting their Friendsgiving show with dancey-rock band Walk The Moon.

DZL of 1065 The End

The radio DJs, Woody, Wilcox, and Diesel were strolling around saying “Hi” and the merch area was decked out with paper turkeys and fake Fall leaves. At 7:15, the front of the stage was already three or four rows deep. As I continued to survey the crowd, I noticed something…I felt really old. The theater was easily 75 percent high schoolers. I took my spot by some little kids wearing hearing protectors and tried to blend in.

Ancient Cities (5)

On November 10, Walk The Moon released their third studio album, What If Nothing, which is the follow-up to their very successful album, Talking Is Hard. I’m nosy and always read the “about” section of Spotify on bands that I like; I was surprised to see that Walk the Moon has almost 6.5 million monthly listeners, making them the 300th most listened to band on the app. Whoa! I knew they were popular, but not that popular. It made more sense now that the venue was full of teenagers who are always more up-to-date on the coolest trends in life.

Ancient Cities (4)

At the start of the show, Diesel came on stage to introduce the opening act, Ancient Cities. He asked who in the audience has seen them live and it was a funny moment when only three people gave a holler from the crowd.

Ancient Cities (18)

Described as a “psych rock revival” band on their Facebook page, they seemed like an odd choice for opener of this particular show and made sense to me why only three people had seen them live.

Ancient Cities (8)

They lived up to their self-described style and I felt at times that I was in 1969 and The Doors would be on next.

Ancient Cities (6)

They had a lot of energy and spent time talking to the audience and laughing.

Ancient Cities (14)

Near the end of the set they played “Juice” and noted that it was on the Shameless season 7 soundtrack which garnered a lot of cheers. Cool points!

WalkTheMoon (4)

A little past nine, the lights once again dimmed and the crowd went crazy. The score of the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” came on and Walk The Moon danced on to the stage. Looking at the kids to my left and right, I realized they were not even alive when the Lion King came out in theaters back in 1994; even so, I think it was an awesome choice for an entrance and definitely got the crowd pumped up.

The band started off with some album-only songs from their three albums with the front row singing every word. They played “Different Colors,” an inspirational sing-along that included an excellent light show flashing (not surprisingly) every color of the rainbow while the audience sang “ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh.” Hands swaying back in forth in the air, Walk The Moon had the crowd mesmerized.

WalkTheMoon (6)

They surprised me when only halfway through the set, the very familiar opening chords to “Shut Up And Dance” began. Singer, Nicholas Petricca, jumped to the very front of the stage and started singing, “Oh don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me.” Oh, all eyes were on him and everyone was jumping or dancing along. The song is so catchy and upbeat that it was impossible not to smile. The song was so popular a while ago that it was hard to turn the radio dial without hearing it on all rock and pop stations. It was a smart move to put the song in the middle of the set because it shows they’re confident enough with their other music that they don’t just have to ride the coattails of “Shut up’s” popularity.

WalkTheMoon (11)

The rest of the show continued in a similar fashion with hands in air, crazy lights and screaming girls. In fact, for most of the show I was behind a girl wearing a “happy birthday” tiara. At one point the bassist, Kevin Ray, turned his head vaguely in our direction of the stage and birthday girl yelled, “Kevin, pay attention to me!” Everyone around laughed and the moment summed up the feeling of the show; Walk The Moon had complete control of the audience with their engaging singer and talented band members. The song “Anna Sun” ended the show during the encore with the fitting lyrics, “We got no money, but we got ha-ha-heart.” Lots of heart and short lines at the bar.

WalkTheMoon (2)

See full gallery of the night.

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