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Fresh Finds Friday

Fresh Finds Friday

By: Jessie Harris

The Winter Olympics are finally here and the buzz can be felt all around the world. As the Opening Ceremony begins, take time to sit back, relax, and listen to some new tunes this weekend. Maybe you’re hosting an Olympic watch party, going out with friends, or just staying in with a loved one. Here’s what I’ve been digging the last couple of weeks and some fresh finds for your Friday.

“The Weight is Gone” -Albin Lee Meldau

This jam just gets me going from the first few seconds; a classic head-bobbing Jessie song. Meldau’s voice is so smooth and soulful. It’s the perfect song for getting ready for a night out this weekend.

“Heart Beat Here” -Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard is back with a new long-awaited album. I’m only four or five songs in and I can already tell it’s a good one. This song here, in particular, reminds me of the old school DC we’ve all come to know and love. It’s a more raw and acoustic sounding song, filled with classic Carrabba’s heartfelt lyrics and a lovable display of his vocal range.


It was so exciting to get a new single from Scottish synth-pop band CHVRCHES this past week. They always bring the heat and this single is “fire,” as all the cool kids say these days. The chorus is so catchy and so perfect.

“Iron & Steel” -Quinn XCII

This song instantly clicked for me. Michigan native Quinn XCII effortlessly blends pop, reggae, and hip hop into one really fun sounding track. He’s definitely one to keep on your radar for new music.

“Kids These Days” -Shakey Graves

This is the quintessential weekend jam you’ve been looking for all your life, or maybe just for today. I love the laid back easiness this song offers. With a beachy vibe, this fun jam will bring a smile to your face, despite the kind of bluesy funk portrayed in the lyrics.

“Good People Do Bad Things” -Prelow

In keeping with those good vibe weekend feels, Prelow brings us this chill song to keep your weekend moving right along. Open up the blinds and let that sunshine pour in.

“Subtle Thing” -Marian Hill

Marian Hill has a way of making a song sound creepy, funky and cool all at once. With added sound effects, including a neat water droplet effect, this song is FRESH and leaves me wanting more.

“Higher Higher” -Justin Timberlake

Are y’all still reeling from last weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show? I know I am, and Justin has been on repeat on my playlists ever since. Releasing his latest album last week has put him on the radar again and the old JT is back and sounding really, really good. This song has swag and I’m not even sure what that means, but I dig it.

“You’re Not Missing Me” -Chelsea Cutler

Cutler may still be young, but her sound and music is mature beyond her years. This bittersweet song pulls at all the right heartstrings. Keep your eyes peeled for more hits from this up and coming singer songwriter.

“FRIENDS” -Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I’m a sucker for anything Anne-Marie touches. She’s got that badass style that’s infectious and talk about a powerhouse of a voice! This song deals with the boundaries between friendship and love. It’s pretty sexy and fun for Marshmello and I like seeing him explore different genres.

Hear something you like? Let me know what songs are in heavy rotation for you this weekend and I’ll see ya back in a couple of weeks!

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