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Fozzy Takes Fans Into The Studio With Capturing Judas Livestream Event

Music fans around the world have been craving live music as it was one of the first things to be shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic and will certainly be one of the last to return. After having to postpone their Save The World Tour several times, Fozzy offered fans a unique perspective on a live show with their first-ever global live stream event Capturing Judas live from Madison Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 

This was my first time attending a ticketed virtual event so I was eager to see what it was all about.  The ticketing process was seamless with easy to follow instructions and offered a wide array of options for fans to choose from. In addition to tickets to the event, there were several different merchandise packages available and several VIP options for those fans who wanted to get the full Fozzy experience and have a video chat with Chris and Rich prior to the show. If you missed out on Saturday’s live stream, don’t worry.  The event will be available for viewing until November 29th and tickets can still be purchased at

I had no issues accessing the event and the show began promptly with the world premiere of Fozzy Across America. The film chronicled the band’s epic event from October of 2017 when the Judas album dropped.  To mark the occasion, Fozzy jetted across America, playing three shows in three different time zones on the same day. Beginning with a dedication to the late Eddie Van Halen, the movie began “A long time ago, in a galaxy, fozz, fozz away.” Beginning with a show at 9 AM in Fort Myers, Florida, the movie took you behind the scenes, giving viewers plenty to see backstage and on the private jet commandeered for the day. It was a fun addition to the event and allowed fans to share in some intimate moments with the band as they discussed their sleep schedules amongst other things. Chris even took a moment to give a shout out to the fans who brought the CO2 cylinders to the shows as they couldn’t carry them on the plane. As Fozzy made their way to a 3 PM show in El Paso, Texas things were clicking on all cylinders and somehow they never lost the energy even as they finished out the night at the Hard Rock Vegas with a late show at 11:30 pm. The movie alone was worth the price of admission just to see guitarist Rich Ward cuddled under a blanket singing the old White Lion song “Wait.” Don’t forget the all-important advice, “Don’t poop on the plane!” 

Immediately after the film, the screen cut to the band and they wasted no time getting into a rocking set kicking off with “Sin and Bones.” My first impression was that it was a little awkward to watch within the confines of the studio setting due to the camera angles but actually once I adjusted, I think it worked out well. It was definitely a different look than on a stage but that was one of the things that made it more interesting to watch. Seeing Fozzy in a setting we normally don’t get to see, making it a unique experience that truly sets the event apart from other bands that are simply streaming a live stage show. The band was definitely in top form and no matter what the venue frontman Chris Jericho always is a larger than life personality. Chris took a lot of time between songs to engage the audience, difficult to do when the audience isn’t actually in front of you and there was a lot of interplay with the members of the band. At a live show, I normally don’t care for too much talking, but in this case, I was eager to hear more as the band members talked about some of their favorite tour stops and even the names of their very first bands. The lighting was great throughout the set and there was even a technical difficulty as a microphone somehow got unplugged. Of course, Jericho handled it magnificently and even used it as a segue into a story about Fozzy opening up for Iron Maiden and the technical issues they had on one of the biggest shows of their lives. Rich was extremely talkative and looked uber cool with his new hairstyle. Guitarist Billy Grey and drummer Frank Fontsere also joined in on the laughter and fun as did bass guitarist PJ Farley who was on board for the live stream event. One of the neat things about a Livestream is the chat and interaction with other fans during the show. The chat was busy and from what I read everyone seemed to be loving it. 

The setlist was exactly what you would expect with my personal favorite “Drinkin with Jesus” and “Nowhere To Run” from their new album which is due to be released sometime in early 2021. We even got a drum solo during “Lights Go Out” and outrageous dueling guitars from Rich and Billy during “Enemy.” The night ended with “Sandpaper” and of course their biggest song to date “Judas.” It was an exceptional Livestream and I was super stoked to be able to see it. In the words of Jericho, “You just got your asses kicked by Fozzy!” it doesn’t really get any better than that. 

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