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Four Festivals You Must See Before The Summer Ends

You’ve Still Got Time!

The Summer is made for festivals. The weather is beautiful, your outfit looks great, and on the stage before you sits not one but several of your favorite artists all waiting to perform the songs you love. Jesus wept.

There are a TON of festivals, covering an expanse of genres. I tried doing a Google search and gave up because I don’t believe in inviting stress like that into my life. So because we here at Shutter16 believe in caring, I’m offering my top 4 coming festivals that you will see me at no matter how sick I am, or how sad my bank account is looking, because missing them just isn’t an option

(In chronological order so you can add then to your Google calendar, too. You’re welcome.)

Beats and Bars Festival

AUG 24TH – 26TH

Durham, NC

American Tobacco Campus

Supporting the local music scene is vital to every locale’s arts community. Durham, a.k.a Bull City, is a place that goes above and beyond to represent for its people. Beats and Bars is a smaller festival gaining steam and love from Durham and beyond. This year’s headliners are Dead Prez (because it’s bigger than Hip Hop right?) and Dumbfoundead, and they’re supported by a smorgasbord of dope talent from the area: Young Bull, Nance, Danny Blaze to name a few.  As a hip hop head myself I’m excited to attend because this festival immerses you in all the elements of hip hop. There are art exhibitions, health and wellness discussions in addition to hip hop culture ones covering everything from vinyl to writing. Even better, it’s co-founded by a woman because women in hip hop are choice and should be supported so get your ticket (only $65!) here!

Hopscotch Festival



Downtown Raleigh, NC

Hopscotch is my friend. Because only a friend would encourage to bounce between a dozen venues over the course of three days all for the sake of music, in partnership with Live Nation. Shutter 16 has covered Hopscotch twice and it has yet to disappoint. It’s a lot to take in but it’s most fun because of the sheer enormity of it all. Several venues all combine to form the Voltron of festivals. For those three days each venue hosts a line up of various artists, from major mainstream to your favorite indie rock band throughout the day. Add in the day parties and local restaurants that help cater to the fans and it’s pretty much amazing. There’s literally over a 100 artists so I’m going to name the faves and drop a link for the rest: Miguel, Flaming Lips, Moses Sumney, Liz Phair, Thundercat, Nile Rogers & Chic, Grizzly Bear, and MC50 are just the few I can name.  Buy your ticket here (less than $250 for GA!) and also here’s a full listing of the days and artists and might I suggest using the app to schedule accordingly, it’s a lifesaver!

Dreamville Festival

SEPT 15th

Raleigh, NC

Dorethea Dix Park

It’s a one day festival. J Cole is hosting it. He will be there. Apparently Young Thug will be there too. I will also be there. Besides ticket prices, that’s exactly the amount of information everyone knows. I’m still showing up though. Tickets are on the higher side at $109, but you can still grab yours here if you enjoy a good mystery like myself.

Art of Cool

SEPT 28- 29th


Downtown Durham, NC

When you fall in love with Durham after attending Beats and Bars Festival (you will, it can’t be helped), you can get your next fix with local event gone galactic: The Art of Cool. Having recently partnered with Dome Group, this two day festival gives you soul by the pound. Just look at the line up: Nas, Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Royce da 5’9”, Anthony Hamilton, Meshell Ndegeocello, and tons more. Various venues in downtown Durham will be hosting different artists, a full schedule will be posted soon. They’ve got VIP options and tickets run only $100-$321. They’ve even got a VIP Brunch option. You get fed in all ways, every way and we are HERE for it. In a show of solidarity (crew love!!) you can buy a ticket for AOC and Black Wall Street: Homecoming as well for only $275. This is why Durham is so dope! Grab your ticket here!

Know of some other festivals we should attend? Let us know so we can take a look, and be sure to comment which one of these festivals you’ll be at so we can say hi!

*(icon photo by Luke Jamroz )

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