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Flogging Molly kick of the month of the Irish in Cola

Flogging Molly kick of the month of the Irish in Cola

Written and photographed by Troy Browder

March is here and so is the annual Flogging Molly tour. This year it is known as the Life Is Good Spring Tour 2018, which kicked off March 1st in Columbia, SC at the Music Farm. Every year Flogging Molly brings their Celtic punk rock sound to the country to get everyone in the mood for what is probably the biggest known drinking party celebration: St.Patrick’s Day!

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-29

Though Flogging Molly performed for their very first time in Columbia, it didn’t stop the large crowd that made it out and escaped the unusual chilly weather and dreary rain showers that soaked the midlands throughout the day. The show started off with a mellow acoustic solo artist by the name of Ian Ferguson, while the crowd made their way in. After a 30 minute set, a band by the name of Jon Snodgrass brought the tempo to a quicker pace than the solo man before them. The crowd started to get their blood flowing a bit, and Guinness in their system, before it came down to who they came to see.

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-24

Flogging Molly took the stage about 15 minutes before their scheduled time of 10pm. With the hard thumping of the kick drum, and the twanging sounds of the banjo picking, the crowd wasted no time screaming and throwing their hands up. Lead vocalist Dave King belted out his Irish accented lyrics with perfection all while giving love from one side of the stage to the other while strumming his guitar. He even gave me some love in the photo pit as he blew a kiss while flipping me the bird, and again while sticking his tongue at me as a friendly gesture.

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-41

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-42

As technology arises in this generation it’s very noticeable that concert goers love to take photos and videos at the show they attend. Violin player Bridget Regan spotted a few in the front row and politely mouthed to them to put them away and enjoy their experience, and they did so respectfully.

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-48

All in all it was a high energy show and a great performance by the band, whether it was your 6th time seeing them (like myself) or your first concert (like some of the younger fans in attendance).

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-59

Flogging Molly is a must see band, in my opinion; even if you don’t know who they are, you will leave a fan.

Flogging Molly Shutter Columbia SC-19

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Thu 7 PM CST2,152 guests
Fri 7 PM CST8,378 guests
Austin, TX
Sat 8 PM CST5,706 guests
Dallas, TX
Tulsa, OK
Thu 7:30 PM PDT1,403 guests
Cabazon, CA
Sat 8 PM PDT3,891 guests
Los Angeles, CA
Mon 8 PM PDT797 guests
Tue 7 PM PDT5,200 guests
Santa Cruz, CA
Wed 6:30 PM PDT1,828 guests
Sacramento, CA
Fri 8 PM PDT2,867 guests
Bend, OR
Apr 20 – Apr 23593 guests
Miami, FL
Aug 16 – Aug 1948,084 guests
Sankt Pölten, Austria
Aug 17 – Aug 1928,790 guests
Störmthaler See
Wed 8 PM UTC+023,017 guests
Tilburg, Netherlands
Wiesbaden, Germany
Tour eventSun 4 PM UTC+023,522 guests
Landsweiler-Reden, Germany
Fri 6 PM UTC+021,309 guests
Volksfestplatz Bayreuth

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