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Fiftywatt Freight Train w/Another Lost Year & Testarossa – The UnderGround at the Fillmore Charlotte

What was happening at The Underground last Friday night, you ask? Some good rock n’ roll music that’s what.  I have to be honest and admit it: this was the first time that I had heard any of the bands that evening but was looking forward to hearing them after I listened to a few tunes on Spotify.

Skipper The Lion

Skipper The Lion(2)

Skipper The Lion, alternative band from Salisbury, started the night off.  This four piece band has an energetic sound with funky beats and hard edgy guitar riffs. Lead singer Johnny Oliver has a charismatic presence about him, the way he moves across the stage after singing a few lines of a song gets you attention.

Another Lost Year(5)

Another Lost Year

Charlotte’s own alternative group Another Lost Year or known to their fans ALY played next.  Lead singer Clinton Cunanan and the others hit the stage and got the crowd’s attention immediately.  Their raw and emotional lyrics and strong, high energy playing style drew me in wanting to hear more.



Next was the hard rocking Charlotte band Testarossa, formally known as Graceful Regret. These guys know for their party rock style of music, made us all join in on the party. When you see lead singer Colten Bell hit the stage wearing a white faux leather motorcycle jacket, sunglasses and de-stressed acid wash denim on, you know you’re in for a good time. Their catchy tunes make you want to have a good time singing, dancing, and hopefully help you forget about your worries for a little while.  

Finally another one of Charlotte’s own, Fiftywatt Freight Train, closed out the night.  It had been several months since the band played there for The Underground’s One Year anniversary.


Whole the production crew was rapidly setting up the stage, I was able to meet and shake hands with vocalist Darby Adkins,  he was very excited and honored to come back and play here tonight, especially since the venue was newly renovated.


I also met drummer Kirk Christner who was sporting his spiked collar and bracelet. At first I was a tiny bit intimidated but after a brief discussion on how he plays the drums like a madman and giving him a hug for good luck before he hit the stage I quickly discovered, his bark is worse than his bite a really cool dude.


Darby and the rest of talented band mates Thomas Dow, Trey Butler, and Kirk Christner knows how to get their fans riled up adrenaline pumping and heads banging with songs like “Whisky & Hate” and mesmerizing guitar riffs from “Falling Through” to cover songs like “The One I Love.”  Their music is a fantastic mix of classic rock and modern rock. If you missed them this time, make sure to get you tickets and mark your calendars.  


Fiftywatt will be playing at The Fillmore on February 16!   

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