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Feed Your Aggression With Arizona Metal Band Murkocet

Shutter 16 Magazine Chats With Lead Vocalist Richie Jano

Years before the idea of forming a band ever entered his mind, Richie Jano came up with the perfect name for a metal band: Murkocet. His friend was recovering from an injury and was prescribed the pain medication Percocet, and Richie coined the name Murkocet to use as his gamer name while playing online video games like Call of Duty. Years later when music led him to form a band, the name stuck and thus Murkocet was born. The cool thing about coining your own word is that you also get to make up the definition. In this case, the band defined their name to match their aggressive style of metal music.

Murkocet – a substance directly attributed to the aggressive and often times violent actions of its user, metaphorically symbolizing their music.

It really doesn’t get any more metal than that, and Murkocet is definitely living up to the definition with their 2017 debut album Digging Mercy’s Grave. With a sound influenced by metal stalwarts like Lamb of God, Slipknot, and Hatebreed, the album is a pure adrenaline rush with blistering guitar riffs, a ferocious rhythm section, and hostile vocals. Murkocet began turning some heads in the Arizona metal scene with two of the tracks making their way onto Phoenix based radio station 98 KUPD and another tune being picked up by indie horror film director Bob Clark of Reel Bloody Films as the title track to his movie Strip Club Massacre.

With their debut album under their belt, the band began to hit the touring circuit as much as possible playing shows in their hometown area as well as gigs in New Mexico, Colorado, and the music mecca of Southern California, which culminated in a performance at the world renowned Viper Room in L.A. The live shows allowed the band to hone their craft, and indeed they have never sounded better. Nate Garrett is an absolute force to be reckoned with on guitar, while bass guitarist Jim Rawson and drummer Cooper Osbron keep the rhythms pounding and grooving. Frontman Jano is perfecting his vocal craft and possesses a natural ability for the brutal screams and shouts necessary in modern metal. Their electrifying energy made them a hit with metal fans everywhere they’ve gone and the band continues to pursue writing songs that demand audience participation and involvement. From the furious thrash like pace of “Hustlin’ Hate” to the ominous guitar riffs of “Spiders”, Murkocet is well on their way to the top.

Shutter 16 Magazine had the opportunity to chat with lead vocalist Richie Jano and find out everything you need to know about Murkocet, from the band’s origins to their plans for the future.

You can listen to the full audio of our conversation with Richie below!

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