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Fallen Hearts of North America Tour dissects the Carolina’s

The Underground brings Katatonia-ians to the mosh pit

Photographer: Kevin Daniels of XIIIth.PVD

Katatonia, an epic/prog metal band from Sweden, headlined the The Underground for their Fallen Hearts Across North America tour. They played a wonderful show, that was backlit by a great light show, and, from what I was told by some of the show-goers, had a killer setlist; fans left the Underground happy as can be. To be honest, I hadn’t listen to that much of Katatonia, but now that I’ve experienced them live, and only a few feet away from myself, I’d say I’m a fan. They were super heavy at moments, then super technical, and then switched to a prog feel later on, all in one song. They definitely remind me of their fellow countrymen Opeth, which is not a bad thing to say the least.




KATATONIA-1 As for Uncured – just wow, the raw talent of such a young fronted band is outstanding. Formed, written, and lead by two 16-year-olds is truly insane. They have the sound of old school metal with an influx of modern solos and rhythms, while vocally pulling from a death metal side of things. The solos were the contrast to their music, very progressive sounding and very technical, where as their song structure was brutal and heavy. Honestly this is a band to keep an eye on; if this is what they’re right now at this age, Satan only knows what they make when they come of age.






Uncured-30 Caspian took the stage in a wash of sound and light. Creating an atmosphere of haze and anticipation. The instrumental group from Boston played to a completely backlit show. They never were singled out on purpose by the lighting which to me showed that they were all together as one, and no one member was greater than the other. A prog rock sound with a touch of heavy would be the best I can describe, because they’re definitely a band to experience live.




This is a tour worth catching!


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Katatonia Setlist The Underground, Charlotte, NC, USA 2017, Fallen Hearts of North America

Opener: Uncured (death metal, heavy metal)

Support: Caspian (prog rock, atmospheric rock)

Katatonia {atmospheric metal, epic metal)@ The Underground

Remaining Tour dates:


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01 San Francisco CA @ Slim’s:

03 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre:

04 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven:

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08 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room:

10 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex:

11 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall:

12 Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre:

14 Minneapolis @ Fine Line:

15 Chicago, IL @ Metro:

16 Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater:

17 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House:

19 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda:

20 Philadelphia, PA @ The TLA:

21 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza:

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