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Exclusive: Interview with Eden Xo

Eden Xo talks new single, “Dirty Blonde”, music inspirations, and more

By: Nicholas Liddle

Internationally known singer & songwriter, Eden Xo isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Finally, after the release of “Cinematic Goodbye”, eight months ago, she has released new music alongside an official music video for “Dirty Blonde”.

We caught up with Eden to find out some of the inspiration behind the new single, career aspirations, and much more.

Shutter 16: It has been about 8 months since you last released any music. What would you say took the longest when it comes to “Dirty Blonde”? 8 months without a release is quite some time.

Eden Xo: I wrote the song 4 years ago, and always felt it was timeless. Some pop songs have an expiration date and can die on a hard drive. Dirty Blonde’s message couldn’t be more relevant now in a time of #MeToo and #TimesUp etc. I’m just happy I fought to get it back and put it out. And fans won’t have to wait another 7 months for new music, I am going to be rolling out new material monthly. That’s a promise.

Shutter 16: “Dirty Blonde” has a bit of a different sound to it, compared to your previous projects and is my favorite song of yours — to date. What would you say influenced this track?

Eden Xo: It’s jazzy for sure. It was meant to be the intro and title track of my ill fated EP on Capitol/Virgin. So at the time I was going for that sound so that it felt cinematic and exciting, like opening credits to something big. But as a stand alone piece of work, especially with the video it works too.

Photographer: Walid Azami


Shutter 16: In the song you talk about loving who you are. In 2018, it seems like we are surrounded by nothing but negative things in the news, on social media, etc and sometimes we forget to take time to love who we are. What do you hope that your fans can take away from this song and from you in general? How do you stay positive in such a negative world?

Eden Xo: Well, the pill bottles in my hair I used as rollers were my actual prescriptions. I was on a lot of medication because I was depressed over being dropped and feeling really anxious and lost and I became a bit of a robot. Then I put them in my hair and gave them a new purpose and refocused my energy too and slowly started to love myself again. We have to remember that we are all one humanity, your pain is my pain and my joy is your joy.

Photographer: Walid Azami


Shutter 16: Everybody wants to know, all the time, what is next. What can we expect from you in the coming months? Do you plan to go on tour supporting your next project?

Eden Xo: I plan on going platinum, finally. Because I fucking deserve it. I have the best fans in the world and we’re gonna do it.

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