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Evening Muse hosting two artists from Bloodshot Records

Ruby Boots performing on May 22, and Robbie Fulks on May 23

By: Caroline Hardin

For some strange, unnamed reason, I’ve been in a fighting mood since the beginning of last year. I don’t know if it’s the political climate, the actual earth climate, or some combination of the intense weather, fierce discourse, and terrible things happening everywhere all the time, but I’ve been mildly pissed for a while now.

As soon as I heard the opening chords of Ruby Boots’ new album, Don’t Talk About It, I felt a little bit of that anger evaporate off of me as her voice floated over with an IDGAF attitude, lifting me up from my wallowing. It’s as if I whined, “Life sucks!” and she responded, “Yeah it does, so?”

Nashville based, Australian born artist Ruby Boots left a troubled home at the age of 14 to work on pearling boats, and never stopped travelling. Her songs stop short of being road-weary, and instead express an unquenchable thirst for the good in the world without ignoring the bad.

This is especially evident in the a capella track, “I Am a Woman”. Of the song Chilcott says, “‘I Am a Woman’ was conjured up amid recent events where men have spoken about, and treated women’s bodies, the way no man, or woman, should. This kind of treatment toward another human being makes every nerve in my body scream. These kinds of incidents are so ingrained in our culture and are swept under the carpet at every turn—it needs to change. As tempting as it was to just write an angry tirade I wanted to respond with integrity, so I sat with my feelings and this song emerged as a celebration of women and womanhood, of our strength and our vulnerability, all we encompass and our inner beauty, countering ignorance and vulgarity with honesty and pride and without being exclusionary to any man or woman. My hope is that we come together on this long drawn out journey. The song is the backbone to the album for me.”

Evening Muse(photo by: Derek Baker)

In celebration of the new record, Ruby will be performing at Evening Muse in Charlotte on May 22. Rich with experience and sparkling with glamour, Ruby Boots is going to be a really fun show that sticks with you for weeks afterwards.


The Evening Muse will host another Bloodshot Records artist, Robbie Fulks the the night after, on May 23. One of the original “Alternative Country” artists, Robbie came of age in the 1960s and 70s in Virginia and North Carolina. The region’s unique flavor and landscape have influenced his old country style of writing, as he delivers a blend of folk storytelling with poetic complexity. Southern philosophers will find a kindred spirit at this show.

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