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Escape Into the Alternative Rock Wonderland of Fink Tree

Band Delivers the Goods on New EP Love Somebody

After meeting in school, the four members of Fink Tree got together and began making a name for themselves playing the live circuit in their hometown of Poznan, Poland. In order to pursue their craft and further their musical careers, Nick (vocals), Matthew (guitar), Chris (bass), and Philip (drums) decided to make a big move and relocate to London. Since then, big things have been happening for Fink Tree and the band shows absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

2019 was a memorable year for the band as they won the American competition Unsigned Only, judged by the likes of Robert Smith, Charli XCX, and Black Francis of the Pixies. The competition opened up the doors for Fink Tree to perform their single “Love Somebody” on television following their victory. The band is also a part of the artist development program My Name Is New which is run by Polish indie record label Kayax. They were able to further hone their skills and roadtest their songs by providing direct support for The Amazons on their 2019 European tour. Recently, they have been announced as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition representing their home country of Poland. 

Fink Tree recently released their debut EP Love Somebody which has them popping up on everyone’s radar as well as ReverbNation’s ones to watch list. With a wide range of influences that run the gamut from Nothing But Thieves to AC/DC, the new record is a glorious blend of pop melodies, alt-rock infused riffs, dance club grooves, and poignant vocal stylings. The upbeat title track will have you on your feet and the dance beats of “Fire” will have you wanting to hit the club and groove the night away. They have also included a tune sung in their native language with “Strzaly.” But I have to say, for me, the stand out track was definitely “Colorado.” The tune has a slow, calming vibe that lets your mind wander to wide, open spaces wherever they may be and just let everything go. It really does feel like Colorado although the band admits that they have never been there. But if things keep going there way, I have no doubt that eventually, they will. 

Before the release of the EP, Shutter 16 had the chance to chat with lead vocalist Nick and band manager Gregory to get their take on the new songs and to give us some personal insights into the band Fink Tree. You can listen to our interview in full below. 

You can keep up with Fink Tree via their social media accounts and you can listen to Love Somebody now on all major streaming platforms. This is a band that is definitely on the way up so don’t miss your chance to check them out before they become the next big thing.

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