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Epic Fn Battles Back At It With Harry Pothead Theme Battle Video

Hedwig’s Theme Metal Cover By Mike Mocerino and Shaun Mason

The duo behind the Santa Vs Krampus video has returned once again! This time Mike Mocerino & Shaun Mason along with Director Jesse Conti of Chariot Media Productions and FX artist Ashley Benjamin aka Nightmare Barbie have released a battle of epic proportions in the way of the Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme Metal Cover.

Jesse Conti is a video and film director known for his work with Angel Vivaldi, Sinaro, Ovtlier, Spacebound, Seas of Wake, and many more.


Both Mike Mocerino and Shaun Mason are formerly of the NJ metal band Seas of Wake who made a splash in the scene playing on The Mayhem Festival and Summer Slaughter as well as opening for acts like Otep, All That Remains, The Agonist and many more.

Mason is currently working on new solo music which will be a follow up to his debut album Our Vicious Cycle and Mocerino spent the summer of 2019 playing guitar for E.N Young on tour. 

The video begins with Mike Mocerino in a park reading Harry Potter. Before long, he is quite literally sucked into the wizarding world thanks to flashes of Voldemort played by Mason.


Shoutout to Nightmare Barbie for the killer FX make up job on this, surely no easy task. 

Voldemort is then seen playing the song’s intro on a piano in the forest and before long a full out battle of Hollywood movie proportions breaks out with all the metal goodness one could want from a good blockbuster spoof. 


The video is shot beautifully and features some incredibly entertaining special effects. The musicianship is a blast to see and the theme for such an influential franchise reimagined with shredding guitar is any metal dorks dream come true.  Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Check out the video below:

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