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Enter The Celestial Realm Of Wolf Lies Down

Discover The Dark And Dreamy Music Of The Up And Coming Danish Duo

Delving into the musical escape of Wolf Lies Down is a magnificent journey of ethereal beauty amidst somber, brooding melodies. The Danish duo of Ida Spinner and Thomas Dahl Larsen are gifted songwriters with an innate ability to capture a feeling and touch your soul. Their years of hard work have come to fruition with their recent debut album In The Dark.


Both musicians began traveling down their musical path at a very young age. Ida grew up surrounded by classical music and was given a piano by her parents at the age of seven. Her early musical memories include making “weird melodies” right away and recording a cover version of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song “Give It Away” at her uncle’s recording studio by age eleven. Thomas discovered the bass at age ten when he saw his older brother playing it in the school band. He went on to teach himself guitar and a variety of other instruments by listening to music as well as practicing both alone and with friends. The duo first met back in 2005 when they were introduced by mutual friends from the Danish band Saybia, a group that Thomas played lead guitar for until until he departed the band in 1997. The friends knew that neither Spinner or Larsen were in a steady band and according to Ida

“They had an idea we could make great music together.”

The two would go on to do exactly that, splitting the songwriting pretty much 50/50, taking on different approaches with different songs. Sometimes Spinner would find herself coming up with a melody, recording herself on piano and vocals before sending it off to Thomas. Other times Thomas would record several ideas before sending them to Ida for her input. Their musical influences run wide and far with Ida taking a page from films and television scores recalling when she first “saw the light” musically watching the television series Twin Peaks for the first time in 1990. Along with the likes of David Lynch, Coppola, and Ennio Morricone, Ida also draws on a solid rock foundation citing a diversity of influential bands from Radiohead and Bjork to The Doors and Rage Against The Machine. Thomas also has a large variety of musical mentors from Joy Division and Bob Dylan to Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen.

“That’s the music I still listen to,” says Thomas, “that’s a part of me.”


The result of such an amalgam of wonderful musical influences is present in the dreamy mix of In The Dark. From the elegant whispers of Spinner’s voice and the exquisite vocal harmonies of “Last Journey” to the solid bluesy groove of “Bring Me Down,” the music is both haunting and inspiring. As I listened, I imagined a young girl sitting and looking out the window of an old house, looking out at the pouring rain, thinking or perhaps recalling a cherished memory. Larsen’s guitar work is spectacular throughout but truly stands out on “November,” acting as a second, contrasting vocal. You will get wrapped up in the dense comfort of the title track and get pulled in by the undeniable vibe of “Falling.” All the tracks were written, played, and recorded by Thomas and Ida but after years of working and recording ideas, a true band was formed and all the members appear on the final cut of In The Dark. Rounding out the musical lineup is Thomas’s brother Peter Dahl Larsen on bass, Andreas Bay Estrup on drums, and Sarah Solvsteen on backing vocals and live keyboards. The record was produced by both Ida and Thomas along with Troels Abrahamsen of the Danish band VETO.

The name Wolf Lies Down sprung from Spinner’s fascination with Native American history and was taken from the name of a North American Indian but also “has a Scandinavian ring to it,” according to Spinner. Larsen went on to describe the band’s sound as being based on feeling and emotions and hope listeners will “become mood affected” by their music. Thomas said that people think their music is very cinematic in nature and Ida agrees.

“It’s the feeling you get after watching a good movie or television show. I hope people have the same positive experience when they listen to our music. It’s filled with stories and feelings from our real life here in Copenhagen.”


The talented duo took a break after the recording of In The Dark as they branched out to pursue other interests and work on other projects. Ida worked with the Copenhagen Dance Space writing music for dance and theater productions and made guest appearances on several hip-hop albums including records by The Bioriginals, Son of Sun, and Melomani while Thomas remained busy with an old project of his called Ballroom. Fortunately for the two musicians, the Copenhagen scene is loaded with talent and there are bands playing at different venues all over the city every night. It was at a release party that the pair met up again and began throwing about ideas for a new album. Since they have just recently reconnected, they haven’t had any recent gigs together but are excited about the new music and can’t wait to begin recording another album. With a solid foundation, Wolf Lies Down is looking to build on the success of In The Dark and follow in the footsteps of musical acts like Volbeat and Lukas Graham who have paved the way for Danish bands on the international scene. Dare to be adventurous and check out the dark and dreamy world of Wolf Lies Down for yourself.

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