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Eliza and the Bear returns with new music

Looking for the perfect summer soundtrack?

Don’t forget to add Eliza and the Bear to your playlist! If you’re not familiar with them yet, you’re in for a treat.

I discovered Eliza and the Bear a few months ago when they opened for AWOLNATION at a concert here in Prague. I checked them out before the show and thought they sounded slightly reminiscent of Smallpools. After seeing their live performance, I was hooked. Their unique sound and their stage personality are the perfect combination. The upbeat music had the crowd bouncing up and down with excitement and their humor had everyone laughing. It was the best reception of an opener I had ever seen.

So who is Eliza and the Bear? When I came home and tried to google them, I was shocked to find there wasn’t much information about them on the Internet. After some detective work, I’ve been able to unearth part of their story.

The London-based rock band has been active since 2012, but the funny thing is that they never really planned on being a real band. Eliza and the Bear started out just as a few friends meeting up from time to time to play some music for fun, but it soon became much more. They released a few singles and EPs at the beginning, and their debut album, Eliza and the Bear, came out in 2016 on Capitol Records. Since being dropped from Capitol Records, they’ve released a few singles, “Hell” and “Real Friends” that have quickly become crowd favorites at live shows. And now, they’re touring with big names like AWOLNATION and are set to play some festivals and shows around the UK this fall.

And, they’ve just released some big news: they have a new album, Group Therapy, coming out on October 5! It’s been a while since we’ve seen new music from them so this is an exciting announcement. We’ve also been treated to the first single from the album, “First Aid,” and a music video for it. This single is very different from their previous work – it’s slower and more electronic than their usual upbeat and guitar-heavy sound. It’s much more experimental and it evokes a different emotion than the band normally goes for. Not going to lie, we were surprised. The video, much like the lyrics to the song, is very intimate. We get up close and personal with lead singer James Kellegher in a room full of smoke while he sings to to the camera. His facial expressions and movements mirror the raw emotion that the lyrics express while the width of the video changes throughout the song to portray how closed in he feels at that given moment. While it is a simple video, it does a good job of conveying the message and emotion the song was meant to provoke within the listener.

Does this mean the band is taking on a new sound throughout this whole album? Or will “First Aid” be the outlier? Since they haven’t been super present online I guess we’ll just have to wait until October and see.

How excited are you for the new album?

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