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Elise Trouw: A Rising Star Unraveling

As you already know, we are in a day and age where, thanks to the internet, just about anybody now has the ability to write, record, and distribute their own music. If I’m being honest this is great for aspiring artist, though from a fan side it leaves a lot of digging to find real and special talent. Occasionally fate plays a role and puts an artist in front of you whose work captures your attention and makes you fall in love with music all over again! For me this happened recently with a young lady named Elise Trouw, I want you to remember that name because this girl has got a massively bright future ahead of her.

Elise Trouw is a San Diego native, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. I discovered Elise while scouring YouTube one day looking for new music. As fate would have it a thumbnail appeared with the title “Foo Fighters meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell,” so, intrigued, I clicked and I’ve never been more happy about clicking a video then I was in that moment.


The video features Elise on guitar playing the intro to the Foo Fighters hit “Everlong”; she then puts the guitar down and picks up the bass. After, she heads to the keyboard and begins singing. Immediately her voice caught my attention – it has a very sultry and soulful feel, which is familiar yet unique to her. I began looking further into her music and videos to discover Elise is a one woman band. Along with keyboards, guitar, bass, and vocals Elise is also an impressive drummer.

Her video for the Foo Fighters/Bobby Caldwell live looping mashup has over 1.2 million views and is still climbing. It recently caught the attention of late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who had her on the show to perform a few songs in front of his live television audience. Checkout the mashup video below.

Elise Trouw, aside from making covers of her inspirations, also released her debut album Unraveling in 2017. The album is flooded with talent and versatility; it showcases the complete artist that she is. The songs are very mature, and are really well written and structured, which is surprising for her age, as Elise states she was born in the last year of the Millennium. She knows her strengths both vocally and instrumentally which allows the songs to properly flourish. Her vocals have a clear personality, which helps bring forward the honesty in her lyrics. Unraveling has some clear experimentation, but one of my favorite things about the album is that whether Elise is performing a song with a more jazz inspired feel like “X Marks The Spot’ or a traditional pop song like “Burn,” it remains clear she’s just being herself. Aside from her inspiring talent, the fact that she isn’t trying to be anything other than herself makes her a real standout. You can purchase Unraveling HERE!!!


The album’s latest single “Awake,” which was released with a music video, shows a vulnerable and relatable side of Elise. The song, which is one of the albums more “pop” sounding tracks, features a strong catchy chorus you can imagine thousands of fans singing with phone lights out in an arena, while musically she manages to maintain interesting instrumentals, which is something she pulls off throughout the album. The whole record has “wow” moments of her ability to play drums and guitar, while her voice stand out throughout with multiple vocal styles across the board.

I highly recommend if you’re reading this you check Elise Trouw’s music and videos out. I found myself hooked going through her YouTube channel and then listening to her album. It’s an album you can listen to from beginning to end and there is so much uniqueness on the album – there’s something for everybody. I look forward to seeing what’s next from Elise and I most definitely can’t wait till she makes her way to the East Coast so I can catch her live. If you’re lucky enough to live on the West Coast you can catch Elise on tour in April with Moonchild, checkout the full list of dates below.


Elise Trouw on Tour:

04/04 @ The Casbah – San Diego, CA

04/05 @ Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ

04/07 @ Globe Hall – Denver, CA

04/08 @ Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO

04/09 @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO

04/10 @ Belly Up – Aspen, CO

04/11 @ Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT

04/26 @ El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA


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