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Editorial: Rockstars and Reading

You don’t need a bookmark for these lovely paperbacks!

There once a time in everyone’s life where they feel like multiple parts of their lives seem to collide. Most of the time, it’s in a chaotic mess that over the course of time we become accustomed too. Other times, the collision leads us on a wonderful adventure that we will never forget. I had one of those moments one evening while browsing through my local bookstore. Obviously, I hit my usual sections: YA, Romance, and then science fiction.

Then while heading to the register with my purchases, I saw him. Right there, on the cover of a book, was my favorite rock star. Mr. Corey Taylor. Without skipping a beat I picked up the paperback in awe. Yes, my favorite vocalist had written a book! How did I not know about this! Then I looked down and realized that all the books in front of me were written by musicians. Obviously, my future husband’s book was still in my hands, but there in front of me was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Violent Jay of Insane Clown Posse. That’s the moment my two worlds collided. My love for music, and my love for reading.

Seeing my beloved musical heroes were writing books, on their own, or with the help of friends, opened my eyes to a whole new world I had no clue even existed! Now I could not only listen to the words that were being sung for me but read the more intimate topics that the musicians may or may not have been able to put into a song. Just in case you are like I was, and want to delve into this wonderful world of books, I am going to list down some books written by famous musicians that should be on your summer ready list!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven: Or How I Made Peace With The Paranormal And Stigmatized Zealots And Cynics In The Process by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor

First things first, I am going to once again mention Corey Taylor. Taylor currently has five books published. Two of which I have read. The book I will be discussing is about his experiences dealing with the paranormal. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven: Or How I Made Peace With The Paranormal And Stigmatized Zealots And Cynics In The Process (Yes, that is really the title) was Taylor’s second published book, which was released on June 20th, 2013. The 250-page book discusses Taylor’s encounters with the paranormal, and the impacts these experiences have had on his life. This book definitely makes you think about the supernatural, and if there is life after death.

The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star by Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx

The second book on this list is one I am sure at least a few of you have heard of. The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star, written by Motley Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx. The book is just like the name say:. A diary that takes place between Christmas of 1986 through Christmas of 1987.

“There is something about spending Christmas alone, naked, sitting by the Christmas tree, gripping a shotgun, that lets you know your life is spinning dangerously outta control.”

Sixx, who has technically died from overdose, twice lets us deep into his mind and psyche as he brings this dark period of his life into the light. Along with Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael formed the hard rock band Sixx AM. The group’s first album, also entitled The Heroin Diaries, is a thirteen track album. Each song on the album is based on a specific chapter from Sixx’s book.

Behind The Paint by Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope


For those of you who aren’t in the hip-hop scene, or haven’t seen anything on the news the past few years about our next author, let me give you a little background info. The Insane Clown Posse, aka ICP, is a hip hop duo consisting of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope from Detroit and Delray Michigan. The duo is known for their off-the-wall lyrics, and for the love and followings from their dedicated fans who have been dubbed Juggalos. Behind The Paint was published in July 2003 by Psychopathic Records. Written by Joseph Bruce and Hobey Echlin, the 596-page book is an autobiography on the events in Bruce’s life, which led up to the creation of Violent J. The book discusses the early days of ICP, including their struggle with the Detroit music scene and the mythology behind the Dark Carnival. The book was described as a  “soul-baring memoir filled with unpleasant details” by Brian Raftery, a writer for Wired Magazine.

Scar Tissue by RHCP’s Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis, the out-of-this-world vocalist for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, published his autobiography, Scar Tissue, on October 1st, 2004 with the help of Larry Sloman and Hachette Books. The book starts with Kiedis’s birth in 1962 and goes until early 2004. It goes into depth with Kiedis’ drug addiction and life with The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The book mentions some very specific dates in Kiedis life, including the day he became clean (December 24th, 2000) and even the date he was conceived. If you know anything about RHCP you will recognize the title of the book is also the song title from the group’s album Californication.  

My Cross To Bear by Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers


Probably one of the greatest Southern and blues rock bands to have ever graced my ears would be The Allman Brothers Band. Formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969, the group was founded by brothers Duane and Gregg Allman (bet you couldn’t guess that from the group name). The Allman Brothers released a total of 11 studio, 16 live, and 18 compilation albums. Younger brother Gregg began keeping journals (cassettes) in 1988 in hopes of one day publishing a memoir. Along with Alan Light, the two combed his journals and several interviews to compile the book, entitled My Cross To Bear.

Discussing his upbringing in Georgia, his numerous marriages, drug and alcohol abuse, and the death of his older brother, Allman lays it all out on the table for the world to see.

“One of these days I’ll be an old man in a rocking chair. Sitting on a porch. Wouldn’t it be nice to have my whole life there to read and kind of relive it?” Allman stated in an interview with The Los Angeles Daily News in 2012. This particular book is next on my TBR list and I am anxiously awaiting to start it.

Save Me From Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived To Tell My Story by Korn’s Briad “Head” Welch

The final book I am going to be discussing was published on July 3rd, 2007 by Brian “Head” Welch. Save Me From Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived To Tell My Story is a 225-page autobiography from the former Korn guitarist. We travel through time with Welch as he dives into his childhood, then onto his crazy years with Korn, and onto finding God. The memoir premiered in the 25th position on the New York Times Best Seller List and peaked at number 15 on July 29th, 2007.


Whatever your reading taste, it’s always fun to find something written by an idol of yours. It allows you to dig a little deeper into their mind, and honestly get to know them beyond their music. Who knows, maybe reading the words of someone we hold in such a high self-esteem will help us with problems we may be going through as well. Everyone has their own demons, and we can all use a little help battling them. Not to mention – who doesn’t love just snuggling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and just wasting the day away. Whether you are a hardback fanatic, a kindle hoarder, or just into plain old-fashioned paperbacks, you are not going to want to miss reading the gems I have mentioned or the countless other books that will bring us further into the work of literature.

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