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Drivin’ N Cryin’ returned to Milwaukee’s Shank Hall on their WI run

‘Live The Love Beautiful’

Drivin N Cryin - Kevn Kinney
Drivin N Cryin - Laur Joamets5

Drivin’ N Cryin’ is known as that Southern Rock band from Atlanta, formed in 1985 after Kevin Kinney left his Milwaukee home for Georgia. Naturally, whenever Drivin’ N Cryin’ make their WI run, Kevin’s friends and fans make sure to catch them in Milwaukee or if not, in Green Bay or WI Dells. We have adopted the rest of the band: Tim Nielsen (bass), Dave V. Johnson (drums) and Laur Joamets (guitar) as well. This tour continues to promote the band’s latest album ‘Live the Love Beautiful,’ which is available as both a studio and a live recording, which they made during their release show in 2019.

Drivin N Cryin - Tim Nielsen6

Drivin N Cryin - Dave V  Johnson4

Kevin’s songwriting is easily relatable by fans regardless of where they may live. Those of us around Milwaukee find ourselves believing he is including a bit of our shared history and geographical memories.  What helps us feel this way is in the details Kevin shares between songs as he draws us closer to him and to each other. This easily becomes habit-forming because once you enjoy them live, you return to see Drivin’ N Cryin’ at every chance you have as the fans at Shank Hall confirmed. 

Drivin N Cryin - Kevn Kinney1
Drivin N Cryin - Kevn Kinney7

Some of the memories Kevin shared with us included his driving down Kinnickinnic Avenue thinking of his late father and the meal they shared at a Taco Bell before Kevin had to leave on tour in Europe. Kevin also reminded us of Peaches Record store on Silver Spring Road, as the building still stands even though it is now a church. This band transforms themselves into being really talented guys who are real and vulnerable, not some distant rock band who is there just to entertain, and I believe this is their key to success.

Drivin N Cryin - Tim Nielsen7
Drivin N Cryin - Laur Joamets7

Supporting our Troops

Guitars for Vets

Drivin’ N Cryin’ supports our troops, as the back of Tim’s bass illustrates, and through their active participation with Guitars 4 Vets  This charity founded in Milwaukee and dedicated to helping veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through music provides free guitar instruction and guitars, often donated by musicians, to veterans. Tim and Kevin invited Patrick Nettesheim, co-founder of Guitars 4 Vets, to the stage to explain the importance of supporting our veterans with the healing of music followed by Drivin’ N Cryin’ dedicating “Fly Me Courageous” to our troops. As Patrick pointed out, even though war is controversial, supporting our veterans and helping them heal with music is not, and the Shank Hall audience agrees.

Drivin N Cryin - Tim Nielsen5

What did we hear?

The Set List I made is below but I believe I may have missed a few songs from this show. The songs performed include “Let’s Go Dancing,” “Honeysuckle Blue,” “Straight to Hell,” and “For You.” They also performed songs off ‘Live the Love Beautiful,’ including the album title song, “Live The Love Beautiful,” “Step by Step,” Ian McLagan,” “Free Ain’t Free,” “What’s Wrong With Being Happy,” and their cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” I also have to say I selected the live version of ‘Live the Love Beautiful,’ vinyl format because I really enjoy Drivin’ N Cryin’ live!  

Drivin N Cryin - Dave V  Johnson3

What’s Next?

Drivin’ N Cryin’ head west to Oklahoma, a handful of dates in Texas, back to Georgia, followed by an East Coast run, a date at The Caverns, then to Europe. Do not miss the opportunity for them to warm your soul!

Set List

1) Ian McLagan

2) Step by Step

3) Scarred but Smarter

4) Turn

5) What’s Wrong with Being Happy

6) unknown

7) unknown

8) Free Ain’t Free

9) Fly Me Courageous

10) Live the Love Beautiful

11) Let’s Go Dancing

12) Medley: included That’s All Right & Mystery Train

13) Honeysuckle Blue

14) For You

15) Straight to Hell

16) Jumpin’ Jack Flash

17) Broken Hearts and Auto Parts

18)A Good Country Mile

Lindsay Beaver opened for Drivin’ N Cryin’

Lindsay Beaver 7
Lindsay Beaver - Reo Casey 1
Lindsay Beaver & Bradley Stivers 1

Alligator Recording Artist Lindsay Beaver and her band, Bradley Stivers (guitar), and Reo Casey (bass) got the crowd warmed up with her bluesy rock. Lindsay shared the exciting news that she and Bradley are engaged just before performing a new song about the dog she gave her fiancé.  The other news she shared is she has a second album coming out on Alligator, date, and title are not yet known.

Lindsay Beaver 1
Lindsay Beaver - Bradley Stivers 3

Lindsay is quite an accomplished drummer and singer/songwriter. She and her band are worth keeping your eyes open for as Bruce Iglauer (founder/president of Alligator Records) said it best: “She’s like the love child of Amy Winehouse and Little Richard.”

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