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Dream Setlist: Jimmy Eat World edition

MEET: Jimmy Eat World. Oh wait…

I’m sitting on my couch trying to find a shiny and unique way to introduce Jimmy Eat World into this article, in attempts to pull you in and get you interested in their show at the Fillmore Underground on Thursday, July 12. I could go for the location label (Arizona boys), or perhaps the genre mashup (alt-emo gods), or the even the cop out adjective tornado (Radiowave mega-giants). But, at the end of day, I know you all know who Jimmy Eat World is, if not for the absolute legend of a song “The Middle”.

So instead of typing up a lil’ love letter to Jimmy Eat World, authors of some of my absolute favorite albums, like, oh I don’t know, Bleed American and Futures, I’m just going to list my top five must-see-live songs in preparation for Thursday. Not that I’m pressuring you, fellas, but hit me up if you need a set-list curator. My twitter handle is @aliehswalsh. You know what to do.

(Disclaimer: yeah, ok, I know I won’t hear these songs live BUT a girl can dream right? Yes, right, ok leave me alone.)

“Love Never”

Puh-lease let me hear “Love Never”, or honestly even “half heart” live! The random EP Jimmy Eat World dropped in May entitled “Love Never/half heart” was such a sweet sweet way to kick off their Summer tour. Though the tour was short-lived, the band has played some festival spots here and there, and has dedicated some time on their setlist to “Love Never”. What’s a girl gotta do to make that happen this time around?


“Integrity Blues (Acoustic)”

Umm, mini-acoustic set? Yes, thanks. I’m such a sucker for acoustic versions of loud songs, and 2016’s Integrity Blues has some lovely musicianship that should be broken down to its softest core from time to time.

“Goodbye Sky Harbor”

An oldie but a goldie. A small part of me hopes that Jimmy Eat World throws it back a bit this go around. “Goodbye Sky Harbor” is a song that is vastly under-appreciated for a variety of reasons (though most of which, I’ll admit, are personal). “Goodbye Sky Harbor” comes from 1999’s Clarity, which, if you remember, holds the single that might have kick-started the teen heartthrob-esque fan base, “Lucky Denver Mint”. The single was featured in Never Been Kissed and garnered a following to be reckoned with.


OK LISTEN, don’t even think about judging me right now. I know this song is ALWAYS on the setlist but I have an irrational fear they’re gonna take it off! Like, how many times can they play it before they’re like “Hm, we have so many other songs, maybe we just, like, don’t this time??” Pals, please, never ever. Also don’t judge me. Thanks.


“Lucky Denver Mint”

Hey, ok, I know. I just mentioned this song up a little bit and it’s one of those mega-songs that’s gotta be played at least once a tour, but I not-so-secretly hope it’s the Charlotte date. The song got a ton of people’s attention thanks to Never Been Kissed, and then people started paying attention to the band that paved the way for so many of our favorites now!

I’m not saying I’m changing lives with this lil wishlist, but you’re lying if you don’t have your own wishlist curated shoved deep in your soul before you go to a show. Nevertheless, Jimmy Eat World are starting their next chapter of the Integrity Blues album cycle on July 10th at The National in Richmond, VA and will be stopping Charlotte at the Underground on July 12th! If you see a purple-haired weirdo high-kicking in the back with a PBR in hand, come say hi and tell me cool it for a second. Then high kick with me.

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The National
JUL 11
House of Blues Myrtle Beach
JUL 12
The Underground – Fillmore Charlotte
JUL 14
Forecastle Festival
JUL 15
House of Blues Cleveland
AUG 25
Hellow Festival
AUG 26
El Plaza Condesa
Live on the Green Music Festival
MacEwan Hall Concerts
SONiC Field Day
SEP 10
Pink Garter Theatre
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The Depot
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Brooklyn Bowl
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KAABOO Del Mar (Sept 14 – 16)
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The Wiltern

Sheila Walsh graduated from USC Aiken in 2015 with a degree in English. While in school, she won an essay competition for an argumentative essay on why the arts are crucial to the education system. Additionally, she was recruited to play volleyball for USCA and contributed to a weekly journal discussing the life of a student-athlete. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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