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Do Yourself a Favor and Attend a Coast Modern Haunted House Party

Do Yourself a Favor and Attend a Coast Modern Haunted House Party

Tuesday night, Coast Modern returned to Charlotte as a part of their North American tour to play a show at the Visulite Theatre. The duo, consisting of Coleman Trapp on vocals and Luke Atlas on guitar, hails from Los Angeles and combines electronic pop with eclectic rock in order to create music so unique and groovy that you just can’t help but dance and sing along.


The average concert kicks off with an opening band, however Coast Modern does not put on your average concert. Instead, 30 minutes after the doors opened, Coast Modern hosted a haunted house party. What is a Coast Modern haunted house party you might ask? The answer is: a talent show with a spooky twist. When the concept was first announced, Coast Modern described it as “you’re gonna do magic, you’re gonna do juggling, and show off your ferret, that’s the spirit of a Coast Modern haunted house party.” Charlotte participants did just that; fans signed up to sing, break dance, do stand up comedy, and recite poetry. It was extremely entertaining.

After the haunted house party ended, the first act of the night, Trash Panda, took the stage.


Having known a few of their songs, I was excited for the band to perform. The indie rock band started their set off with “Atlanta Girls” and played 6 songs during their set. I was a bit bummed out when they skipped over “Aging out of the 20th Century”, a soulful indie slow song, however it only gives me all the more reason to see them again. Trash Panda played “Giuseppe” toward the middle of their set, their most famous song with over one million streams on Spotify.


They finished their set with “Dropsy” which had been requested by a fan and invited one of their friends onstage to help sing the song as well. “Dropsy” is off Trash Panda’s debut album “The Starclimber” which came out February 9th.


Next up was Netherfriends, a one man band run by Shawn Rosenblatt. His style incorporates many genres of music, ranging from hip-hop to rap to pop to indie. Netherfriends was entertaining to say the least, not my cup of tea, but I can see why people love him. In 2016, Rosenblatt released one album a month and 19 albums in 2017. On Tuesday night, he announced to the audience that he plans to release three albums a month in 2018. One of which was a kid’s trap album, “a wholesome rap album for kids”. The fan favorite of the night seemed to be “Love Over Money”. Most of the songs he sang were about women, weed, and money. Using a loop, guitar, and drum pad to create his music, Rosenblatt emitted catchy beats for the audience to consume. He even jumped out into the audience during one of his songs. Many fans got excited when announced that he sews his own merch. I think I would have enjoyed Netherfriends a bit more if he hadn’t repeatedly stopped his set in order to yell at people to shut up and didn’t end by saying “If you love me, give me all your weed!” But I get it, its rock and roll.



Having never thought they’d work together, Atlas and Trapp of Coast Modern originally met through a mutual friend back in 2014. At the time Trapp was an aspiring songwriter and Atlas, a musician and filmmaker. Calling themselves an “accidental band,” shortly after meeting, they were creating rap songs about science for NASA. The gig was a part of a program created by NASA in order to get kids excited about learning science. Although they no longer sing about inertia and gravity, the duo was able to showcase their creativity and learn each other’s songwriting methods.


Looking around at the audience I noticed that the crowd was very young… and stylish. I was truly envying everyone’s outfits. Maybe Coast Modern not only does haunted house parties, science raps, and talent shows, but also fashion shows on the side?


The stage was set with lava lamps, a Lite-Brite with Coast Modern written on it, a rubber chicken, and fun neon lights. Not only this, but they also brought along their own smoke machine that was used during the haunted house party.

Coast Modern kicked off their set with a “Hype Intro” and then “Tiny Umbrella”. Performing songs live comes easy to Coast Modern. Atlas and Trapp know how to captivate a crowd and send them into a world filled with tiny umbrellas, gurus, and electric feels. The energy felt and spread throughout a Coast Modern concert is contagious. Coast Modern constantly has creativity flowing out of them. Their ability to craft songs is unlike any artist. When making their debut self titled album which was released in 2017, Atlas and Trapp produced many of the songs in the same day. The album has 18 songs, a much longer length than your average album.


Talking to fans before the show, many said that they enjoy Coast Modern’s music, but seeing them live is a completely different experience, and after seeing them, I must validate that this is true. With Atlas on guitar, and Trapp’s vocals joined by two other band members, the group was able to sound just like they do on their album. They sang many of their hits during the set including “Dive”, “Guru”, “Pockets Full of No”, and their most recently released song, “Electric Feel”. During the show, the band gave a shout out and thanked Charlotte for having the best ramen restaurant they’ve ever been to. One of my favorites from the night was “Comb My Hair”, a catchy and upbeat song in which the crowd jumped up and down in unison with Trapp while he sang. Coast Modern’s set involved lots of movement from jumping to dancing to hair shaking and Trapp performed the entire concert in a winter jacket while barely breaking a sweat.

For Coast Modern’s encore they covered Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”. The bromance between Trapp and Atlas is real. When performing you can see how comfortable they are around each other as creators and friends, they embrace each other’s out-of-the-box-thinking and let their weirdness shine. So, do yourself a favor and attend a Coast Modern haunted house party, I promise you won’t regret it.

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Tour Dates:


Today 7 PM82 guests
Hamden, CT
Tomorrow 7 PM39 guests
Asbury Park, NJ
Tue 8 PM188 guests
Cambridge, MA
Thu 9 PM124 guests
New York, NY
Sat 9 PM98 guests
Portland, ME
Tue 6 PM248 guests
Wed 7 PM194 guests
Columbus, OH
Thu 7 PM118 guests
Cleveland, OH
Fri 7 PM129 guests
Pittsburgh, PA
Thu 8 PM181 guests
Indianapolis, IN
Fri 7 PM CDT115 guests
St. Louis, MO
Sat 6 PM CDT157 guests
Chicago, IL
Mon 8 PM CDT48 guests
Saint Paul, MN
Tue 8 PM CDT301 guests
Kansas City, MO
Thu 8 PM MDT67 guests
Denver, CO
Fri 7 PM MDT152 guests
Salt Lake City, UT
Sat 8 PM MDT119 guests
Boise, ID
Tue 9 PM PDT133 guests
Seattle, WA
Wed 9 PM PDT126 guests
Portland, OR
Sat 8 PM PDT81 guests
Santa Ana, CA
Tue 7 PM PDT93 guests
San Diego, CA
Fri 8 PM PDT81 guests
West Hollywood, CA

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