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Do you smell that? Here Come The Mummies getting funky all up in Charlotte.

Dark Matter Tour

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if musicians came back from the dead and just had the urge to get funky? Well look no further because Here Come The Mummies and they are ready to get freaky with you.


Consisting of multiple members, all whose identities remain under “wraps” they are a group that know how to party and have been doing their thang for about 5000 years or nineteen undead years.

Since they recently released a new live record titled All Excess, which features some brand spanking new songs. They’ve decided to “Whip It Out” and present it to their fans on the Dark Matter Tour. We also had the pleasure of connecting with some of the mummies and allowed them to fill us with their… words.


If you’ve never seen HCTM before you may not know that they truly know how to play these moderned instruments and can get really “horny”. We were curious just how many instruments are used at a show like this and Mummy Cass mentioned that they had “lost count – and that’s just Midnight!


He plays the sax, beatbox flute, percussion, keys, plastic trombone, talk box and more.” To which Midnight responded “Yeah, that guy is kind of a genius”. We agree.


Some may find mummies a bit creepy or even frightening, so we wanted to know what a mummies worst fear was. The answer may surprise you. Mummy Cass told us “We don’t have too many fears, we’ve been through so much over the centuries. Really the worst that happens is you lose a finger or two to the guitar now and then. Those things are like a cheese slicer, baby.”


As Midnight mentioned “that’s what our severed digits smell like”. So if you’re at a show, watch out for those flying fingers or other things.


As we arrived at The Underground (which we feel was very fitting for these tomb escapees) the room was beginning to fill with fans. Some pressed up against the barricades to get the most pure form of the funk they could.


Before the undead were awaken, a band by the name of Rhythm 4 U & Friends took to the stage.


They brought their A-Game with some solid covers of popular songs all with their instruments.


A few songs included “Pony” by Ginuwine, “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder and even “Weak” by SWV (Sisters With Voices). The whole time, they had the crowd amped up and moving and grooving along while new fans were created.


If you in or around the Charlotte area, be on the look out for this talented group of individuals.


Once the stage was then prepped and the cobwebs were dusted off all the instruments, it was time to release the undead into the wild. To kick things off the mummies formed a drumline and marched through the venue and onto the stage.


All while carrying drums that were illuminated with LEDs and led by Egyptian Jackals representing God Anubis, who just happens to be the God of embalming and death. Seemed pretty fitting. Wasting no time, the mummies took to the stage and brought the energy level to a height to wake the remaining dead. They got the night started with the party starter titled… “My Party” followed by a song from their first album that has since been a fan favorite called “Ra Ra Ra”.


One of the awesome things about this band, is that they truly know how to have fun and make a show you’ll never forget. Songs such as “Fenk Shui” got us moving all around as we danced with the crowd. It’s a song in the words of the mummies that just makes you want to “stick something somewhere that makes you feel good” and the mummies weren’t gonna leave us to dance alone.


They showed off their moves on stage and even got funky on the floor. Songs like “Threeway on the Freeway” gave them even more opportunity to dance while also showing how a bunch of undead musicians can strut in synchronization better than some of today’s top groups.


Going deeper into the night they hit us with a love song… one so real and heartwarming. “She Loves Dick” had the crowd singing along with such passion, so much so the mummies decided to give Charlotte some extended Dick. It wasn’t long (well I guess it was) before we got our next song that included a unique sight and sound. It’s not every century you see a mummy play the flute, but an even more rare sight is when a mummy beat boxes while playing the flute. Yea, that happened.


Before the night drew to a close the mummies weren’t going to let us leave without giving it to us hard. We could almost say they rolled out the red carpet towards the end, but it was “Shag Carpet” instead. As the mummies grooved all over the carpet they made sweet sweet music.


They went around and gave many of the mummies their chance to shine in the spotlight before telling the crowd they have often been told they are “too horny”. To which they responded with a literal reply as one of the mummies played two saxophones at the same time. However, we soon learned that four is more as it got really saxy on stage as a double sax duo began.


The sight of mummies playing instruments may throw you off at the beginning but you will quickly find them getting inside of you. Their identities remain a mystery and some rumors have mentioned some of the mummies may be Grammy award winners and we don’t doubt that for a minute.


It’s the performance mixed with the incredible skill of each of these mummies that makes this a show that you can’t help but to love and one that you don’t want to stop. In fact before they left for the evening, they had Charlotte screaming for more. In which they got their wish as they felt the force from the “Attack of the Wiener Man”.


Even though they just released their new live record, we just had to ask if we can expect some more coming this year. I mean when they get in you, it’s hard not to ask for more. We learned from Midnight that “there’s new stuff in the pipeline – so look out, baby!”.


We encourage you to get yo-self some tickets to this live experience you will never forget. So buy yourself some tickets to one of their shows and come in your best “Pants”. As if you need another reason to go see them, here’s why the Mummies think you should come out. “We’ll burn down your inhibitions like an insurance fire on a decrepit seaside casino — any questions?”


If you happened to capture any shots of the undead, feel free to tag us on social media as Shutter 16 Magazine and throw in #TwitFromThePit for the world to see.


R.I.P. Merch Guy (Whenever he was born – 2019) You may be missed, but you’ve probably already been replaced. The mummies tried to warn you not to hang upside down from the ceiling of the tour bus.

See full gallery of the night.

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