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Dirty Heads Sell Out In New York

Dirty Heads Sell Out In New York

By Drew Kambeitz

As you walk towards the entrance of the venue you feel the cold New York fall weather on your face; thousands of fans are waiting to get into the sold out Dirty Heads show. Thirty minutes to show time and this venue is already packed with fans screaming and singing along to familiar songs being played by DJ Ry Toast.

Tyrone's Jacket-3

Tyrone’s Jacket formed in Los Angeles. Their sound is a combination of hip hop, funk, rock and reggae, and is just as unique as their look. Tyrone’s Jacket took the stage, the only light is coming from Noah lighting his cigarette, and started this show with a huge burst of energy.

Tyrone's Jacket-2

They performed their entire set with incredible excitement, energy and movement, and each member brings to the table their own unique style.

Sold Out Crowd

The Unlikely Candidates are an American indie rock band from Fort Worth Texas. Performing their hit song song “Follow My Feet,” this crowd screamed, danced and sang along.

The band’s front man Kyle Morris showed his dedication to his craft by performing this whole tour with a broken leg in a cast. With his movements and energy, it’s as if he is perfectly fine, even joking that he “was performing as a pirate” with his hands-free pegleg crutch.

The Unlikely Candidates_

Closing this set, Kyle Morris again showed his dedication to the fans again by climbing off the stage into the crowd with his broken leg and singing this one last song with the crowd.

Dirty Heads-9

Now the anticipation was at a all time high. You could hear the crowd chanting, “DIRTY HEADS, DIRTY HEADS!” With acoustic licks ambushing the audience, Dustin Bushnell started to sing “Sails To The Wind.” The crowd screamed even louder as Jared Watson took the stage and began to rap.

“Medusa” graced us next as Knowaking and Mudlux joined the Dirty Heads on stage and began rapping all together. You could really see the love of music among these musicians as they rapped and sung their hearts out.

Dirty Heads-7

The band left the stage in darkness, and the crowd started chanting again “DIRTY HEADS, DIRTY HEADS!” Among the darkness, “That’s All I Need” was up next as the whole crowd sang along and waved their arms.

The band closed the night with their song “Oxygen,” another very popular track from their Billnoard No.1 album Oxygen. When the song concludesd the band began to throw setlists, picks, drum sticks, and bottles of water soaking the crowd.

This sold out crowd had high expectations of the Dirty Heads, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

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