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Diamante Shines Bright In Charlotte

Blue Balls Holiday Tour Stops At Amos’ Southend 

In the Spanish language, Diamante literally means diamond and there really is no better description for the artist that bears the name. Making big waves with her 2017 single “Haunted off her debut album Coming In Hot,  Diamante is a breath of fresh air with songs that rock you to the core but also hit you straight in the heart.


Her presence on stage sparkles brighter than any gem and the energy she brings will have you entranced in no time.  Fresh off the heels of a spring and summer touring run with hard rock giants Breaking Benjamin, Diamante has embarked on her first-ever headlining tour of her own. The Blue Balls Holiday Tour affords the perfect opportunity to see what Diamante is all about and last Thursday evening fans at Amos’ Southend got their chance to catch a great show. 


Opening up the show was one of our favorite local bands, A Light Divided. Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, this is one band that you must see live in order to fully appreciate their talent.  Their latest record Choose Your Own Adventure is full of crunchy riffs and toe-tapping melodies along with the powerful vocals of lead singer Jaycee Clark.


The band has been relentlessly touring, perfecting their stagecraft and it has paid off big time. From the very first note, A Light Divided was on fire and the energy level did not slow down one bit. Their music is heavy but also thoughtful, lyrically tackling not only the typical relationship type problems but not being afraid to delve into something as deep as mental health. They have been named one of 12 Bands To Watch by Alternative Press and it’s easy to see why. It had been about nine months since I had the pleasure of seeing their live set and it was so much fun to see them having the time of their lives and growing by leaps and bounds.  Speaking of leaps and bounds, I must give a shout out to bass guitarist Scott Vallina who I’m not sure ever stood still.


In fact, he was airborne for a good portion of the show, jumping off the bass drum, doing splits, and slinging his bass around with ease. He even made his way over to the upper balcony railing climbing it like a kid on the monkey bars. I’ve never had such a great view of a musician’s shoes before and it was awesome! If you got to the show late, you definitely missed out. Be sure to check out A Light Divided as they will be hitting the road again in January opening for Awake At Last. 


After a quick break, it was time for the main event. One by one the members of Diamante’s band took their requisite spots on stage as the crowd cheered in appreciation. Before I saw her, I knew Diamante was on her way out because the noise level in the venue quickly rose to an astounding level. As she took her spot front and center, the show began with “Kind of Love.” Diamante sounded superb as her vocals carried across the venue, her sapphire blue hair blowing all around her from the fan that was set up. She took a few moments to talk about her half-Mexican, half-Italian heritage before introducing the song that simply means I’m sorry, “Lo Siento.”  It was breathtakingly beautiful and a highlight of the night. After that, things went in the total opposite direction with a frenzied medley of rock classics including “Iron Man,” “Rock and Roll,” and “Crazy Train.”


The fans went crazy, banging their heads, and rocking out while Diamante took the time to introduce each member of her band, giving them the accolades they so greatly deserved. In an attempt to totally blow the roof off the place, “Coming In Hot” was up next and although I’m pretty sure the roof structurally survived, it was clear that Diamante had made a permanent mark on the hearts of fans that night. During the last few years, Diamante has had the opportunity to work with some of the hottest rock artists around, lending her knock-out vocals to songs by All That Remains and the song “Hear Me Now” by Bad Wolves which she chose to perform for us in stellar fashion.  Although no one wanted the evening to come to an end, the show was almost over but not before closing it out in perfectly with a raucous version of “War Cry” which had the crowd on their feet and fists in the air. 


After the performance, Diamante and her band came out to meet each and every fan that stayed, posing for photos and taking the time to chat with everyone proving that she sparkles just as brightly on the inside. There is still time to check out Diamante when The Blue Balls Holiday Tour hits a city near you. Don’t miss it!

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