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Derek’s Yearly Playlist – 2018

Take A Musical Journey Through 2018 With Your Friendly Neighborhood Ginger {Playlist}

The time has come, the calendar has run out of days, and it’s time to reflect on the year through the ears. That’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s me; Derek, your friendly neighborhood ginger and I’ve created a playlist to rewind the clock and share some of my favorite tunes from 2018. However, unlike all of the playlist you’ll probably find on your streaming platform of choice I wanted to include songs you’ve heard all years and some you’ve never heard before.

I’ve also enlisted the help of fellow staffers here at Shutter 16 Magazine to get their top songs of the year as well. You’ll find them throughout the playlist, but I suggest hitting that magical Shuffle button and go on a ride through time and see where it takes you.

So go ahead and hit that electronic link conveniently placed below and get to grooving, moving, dancing, singing and well… listening.

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Sneak of a few of the tunes:

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